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Proceeding from the fact that the Universe is harmonious and all processes follow the path of development, we need to consider the main driving forces that ultimately, despite the different polarity, lead to progressive evolutionary processes. In his article, Professor S.A. Melnikov. (my colleague at the Academy), Interestingly, until recently, modern science adhered to the Newtonian mechanical theory of human development and existence, completely ignoring the issues of life force as mystical energy, which is the cause of the health or illness of the individual. But it should be noted that everything in the Universe is developing progressively and what took place yesterday is irrelevant today. And it is gratifying to see that the scientific world began to look at the structure of the Universe and man from a different angle and to be more precise, it is more integral. For example, if we take the level of consciousness of a modern man and a savage, we will see a colossal difference in favor of the former.
The essence of evolution is the development of all that exists by increasing the vibration level. A person can perceive information exclusively progressively in space and time, being, as it were, at the point of connection here and now. As time passes, he receives more and more perfect energies, as if, collecting together, his point of absolute awareness. You and I are now witnessing how scientific knowledge begins to combine with the ancient Vedic teachings, forming a complete picture of the description of life.

Evolutionary processes are always dual by nature, and alongside good ones, let us call them optimistic conditionally, they coexist with harmful, destructive, seemingly retarding growth. However, destructive processes only serve to uncover flaws in emerging systems and strengthen them by strengthening the latter.

If we study evolutionary processes in a discipline like cosmoenergy, we will be able to see the activity of these processes in the best way imaginable. Over time, more and more flawless energies in the spiritual and energetic planes arrive on Earth; they are summoned to further expand the awareness and growth of people by increasing the frequency. However, there are inhibiting factors that, for various reasons, impede the study and acceptance of everything new and flawless, meant to lead to the systematic growth of Cosmoenergy as a science of researching the characteristics of an external field’s energies. Furthermore, this critique strengthens inventive processes by forcing researchers to seek a perfect evidence foundation. As you know, the evidence base in Esotericism is always the same: what works has the right to live. So, in this example, you and I can understand how diverse polarization forces eventually contribute to a forward evolutionary movement.