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The » Runes Transformer » is a system opened on the place of power by the progressor of cosmoenergy and the CosmoMag Andreev Igor. The system contains 36 runes, each of which is a carrier of a combination of energies that, when activated, can change both the field energy-informational structures of a person and spatial ones, leading to the formation of a series of runes. A distinctive feature of these energies is that they work softly, transforming negative energy into energy of positive quality. However, in the inverted position, the semantics are diametrically opposite.

This property of this system imposes certain requirements on the level of spiritual development of the Magician and the level of his awareness, since any knowledge and skills must be applied in accordance with moral and spiritual principles. The energies of the Runes Transformer contain the necessary resource for the personal development of a person, as they work in three dimensions: physical, aural and charic.

Work on the haric level is of particular value, since this level is the level of intention, which forms the work on the physical and aural planes and allows you to reach higher levels of awareness due to the mobility of the assemblage point.

In fact, the charic level is the basis for the aural level and allows a person to form a higher spiritual goal. As for the healing aspect, such a deep study of all levels makes the work of a healer powerful, accurate and fast.

This rune system can be used both independently and in combination with all KEN frequencies and all types of HUTTA . To perform the multidimensional tasks of the healing and magical planes, certain blocks are made from runes containing various combinations of runes.

But this technique is given directly during attunement. Practice has shown that the use of different techniques in one session is the most productive. But it is very important to understand and know which energies work and, most importantly, in what sequence.