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One of the valuable aspects of spiritual vision is — to observe any situation from the inside. It provides an opportunity to examine internal courses of events intertwined with each situation’s causes and lessons. Thus, it is an enormous resource in expanding consciousness and spiritual development.

Seeing the reasons for events makes it possible to be here and now. The joy of awareness comes since even the most minor event is of great importance.

We can appreciate the creativity of the Universe’s organization because we sense everything in a broad spectrum of energy. It is possible to see the simplest cause-and-effect mechanisms. It’s as if you can see everything that happens on your computer, from pressing a key to seeing a picture on your monitor. The tremendous wisdom of seeing is this.

The wonder of being alive, the marvel of existing, and the understanding that we are a part of the Universe starts to come back to us. We can even get a feeling of how the trees’ leaves grow, what the wind sings about, and what the old raven on the branch is upset about.

To master the art of vision, you must have complete confidence in your actions and Сosmic processes. All this knowledge and skills come only as a result of hard work. That is why it is so important while working in the system of cosmoenergy to go in stages, working out each block of frequencies, gradually expanding your consciousness, and interacting in a new spectrum of frequencies.

We learn to perceive and create, move through barriers, and forgive everyone who makes mistakes. Any negative state of a person does not result in rejection because there is an understanding that such states in people heading towards the light are only a transient state, so to speak, their lesson will conquer over time, getting stronger and more aware.