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There is an understanding that being on earth is a massive work of the soul. In this state, the Ego is practically paralyzed. The creativity overflows, filling a person with happiness and love; he feels the Universe with every cell of his body, not a single second remains unconscious. Formed intentions materialize rapidly; since the energy is built ideally, nothing blocks the force controlled by attention and information. But it is not so easy to achieve such a state of energy. It all starts with initiation.

As a result of initiation, a person receives new power, and then a long process of removing harmful programs from the field begins. This process is quite long and painful, and it is necessary to understand that as long as there is dirt, the water in the glass will never be clean; by analogy, the same thing happens with the student’s field. Therefore, many quit classes, frightened of a rather long negative state, but a hardworking student comes to a moment when he understands why he worked so much on himself.
Igor Andreev

Leading progressor of cosmoenergy, ethnic psychologist, founder of the CosmoMag school. Reiki Master. Healer since 1998. Expert of the portal «World of Psychics.» Member of the Russian Association of Traditional Medicine. Creator and developer of the Hutt Strike and Runic Block.

Researcher at the Russian Research Innovation Center «EURASIA,» Doctor of Parapsychology at the Russian Academy of Psychology, member of the Supreme Council of the Russian Esoteric Society. Certificate of conformity of the system of voluntary certification of services of psychologists, healers, practitioners of alternative medicine, and esotericists of ROSSTANDART №-SDSU.RU.C.0068.
Specialist services: cosmoenergy, shamanism, esotericism.
He was awarded the World of Psychics medal for merits.