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It’s no secret that the state of a person’s energy body and energy system as a whole affects his ability to succeed in life. Furthermore, each energy center in a person has its frequency and is responsible for appropriate energies in a person’s field structures, which, when fully developed, make a person successful in specific areas. So, the blockage of the second and fourth energy centers makes it impossible to create a family and find a decent and harmonious half of the opposite sex. Blocking or lack of energy of the required quality in the third energy center dooms a person to be a failure in society and business. Such a person usually has enormous financial problems. It is all about the social aspect of human life . In terms of health, a lack or blockage of energies in the chakra centers can cause serious diseases, and medicine can only treat the sickness symptoms; the reason, which is related to subtle energies, will remain, and the condition will repeat.

So, we see that having healthy energy is the key to a prosperous and harmonious life. Generating the required amount and quality of energy is triggered in the body by reactions of internal synthesis. In other words, inner strength and power are different for everyone. The process of its formation is individual for everyone and depends on a vast number of components. Still, we can confidently note that being in the anti-pole (society) of big cities, the natural reactions of internal synthesis slows down, making a person practically impersonal and empty. The block of Natural Synthesis of CosmoMages was created to resolve this situation, allowing, upon activation of specific keys, to launch the chakra system in minutes and fill each energy center and all subtle human bodies energies with the appropriate quality energies enhancing the energy potential .

However, the block of natural synthesis addresses only one aspect: speeding up internal synthesis reactions. Before you begin to engage in your energy, you must first diagnose your energy system, eliminate all harmful external and personal programs, and eliminate the causes of any existing diseases.

The answer is to deal directly with such a system using scientific understanding of the energies of an external field like Cosmoenergy. Science, or more specifically, the way of learning about teaching a person’s subtle bodies, is yet in its infancy. Nonetheless, in our fast-changing times, it’s tough to overstate its capability and functionality. Until recently, modern science could only explain phenomena that occurred on the plane of the four levels of reality of the physical world: solids, liquids, gases, various types of fields, and elementary particles, but it could not explain phenomena such as teleportation, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and other modern science miracles.

And only recently, in the nineties, Russian scientists carried out specific studies, which made it possible to combine modern science with Vedic knowledge to finally obtain a complete description of the phenomena occurring in the Universe. People began to appear who no longer want to put up with a slave existence based on giving all their energy in exchange for material values. Thus, a particular collective demand for direct knowledge and spiritual development formed. When there is a request, then a specific system comes along that can satisfy it.

It was in this manner that the practical Cosmoenergy system emerged.
When humanity had virtually reached a standstill, it appeared engaged in wars, inter-ethnic disputes, golden calf worship, and spiritual deterioration. A particular tuning maintains this vicious circle with a technocratic frequency that humanity has fallen through. But the darker the darkness, the brighter the light is nearby. Cosmoenergy allows you to get out of this vicious circle and predatory social matrix. The student begins his training with attunement with the frequencies of the external field; they are called energy information. These frequencies carry not just energy but also information vital to a person’s growth. The disease causes fade away, the energy matrix shifts, and a person sees their Path. Because he possesses energy protections and knowledge, and an understanding of energy-information attacks and counters, attacking such a person is nearly impossible.

A balanced distribution of energy by levels allows a person to attract everything he needs in life. It becomes possible to create a full-fledged family and have healthy offspring. How does this happen? In occultism, the concept «like attracts like» is applied, and as a result, the field structures of a person are filled with great cosmic creative forces. According to this theory, he attracts vibrations that are similar to his own. It’s a simplified illustration of the function of cosmoenergy. This article is intended for individuals who are just starting on the Path. As a result, in this case, simplicity will help with comprehension. Of course, this is an idealized and simplified representation of cosmoenergy’s work. This article primarily focuses on people who are just getting started on the Path, and simplicity will help them grasp the teaching’s substance in this case.

Best regards, Progressor KEN Andreev Igor