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We all recognize that the general preparation of an individual practicing Cosmoenergy has several gaps. After receiving initiation, an individual may have more questions than answers and must figure out frequencies for himself, using several manuals in which certain things have dual meaning and often in general forms. The connection with the instructor is frequently lost since the teacher does not have time to deliberately engage in the creation of the student’s energy matrix, which requires a significant amount of time.
Furthermore, a particular cleansing complex and the appropriate psychological condition are necessary before the initiation. Otherwise, the subsequent work of CosmoMag, with its negative programming and karmic attitudes, would resemble a struggle. Entities may not be removed during the initiation phase in many cases due to the speed of the process.
As the Hutta Strike Block author and developer, I was faced with the fact that Magistrs who came to me from other schools (the Hutta Strike is given from the Magistr level) were rarely at such status. Even when it was the case, it was only about thirty percent of the time; because some received initiation from the «Sellers of Spiritual Knowledge,» for whom the process of receiving money is far more important.

Initiations are the key to the future work of the energy practitioner, because the intensity of one’s devotion determines the future efficiency of one’s work. Instead of being creative and creating a Hutta matrix for a person, I have to spend a significant amount of time reinstalling the Master and Magistr fields and giving several lectures to convey the entire essence of Cosmoenergy, embedding all of the necessary information into the student’s subconscious.

Furthermore, others had all sorts of connections due to breaches of the Sacrament of Initiation, which required some time to remove. This motivated me to start educating true professionals from the ground up to spare everyone who began on the Path of Cosmoenergy from unneeded agony and disappointment. As a result, each student selection will be made only through a personal interview.       

The student will is given the introductory practical course of knowledge of the Magician, which is transferred by word of mouth from the Teacher to the student, individually and in groups, using Skype. Also, throughout training, the Magician’s power will be transferred and introduced into the student’s matrix, allowing him to one day be on the same level as the Teacher, obtain great power, and begin to execute any magic operations professionally and efficiently.