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Cosmoenergy is the study and art of teaching a person’s subtle bodies to interact with the frequencies of the external environment.

As we all know, everything that exists evolves through an increase in vibrations, which leads to an expansion of awareness and the accumulation of essential knowledge for the immortal beginning of man.

In society, a person lives, on average, with the assistance of realizing and applying the lowest levels of energy without fulfilling his karmic duty to develop and improve his eternal beginning.

Starting to work with the frequencies of the external field with the help of attunement, the student tunes in to higher vibrations, reaching new levels of consciousness.

An analogy can be drawn, with radio stations available for listening on a receiver. For example, a person living in society listens to only one radio station and builds his life, forming beliefs according to his information from this one source. In addition, tuning to the frequencies of the external field allows you to turn the knob of this receiver and get data from multiple radio stations.

In this case, the listener’s consciousness grows as they realize that the world is not as flat and simple as it appears at first look. Any frequency in cosmoenergy consists of two components: energy and information. The more perfect the system, the higher the informational component, which gives knowledge and self-development. So, we see that the possession of the frequencies of cosmoenergy makes it possible to be in a constant informative training stream. In Vedic practices, this is living in the stream of direct knowledge, when you have accurate information on what, how, and when to do and can receive knowledge in the Eureka mode.

By the way, the «Eureka» mode is the path of knowledge, with the help of which scientists have made all the world’s discoveries. It becomes evident that a person who owns cosmoenergy frequencies is similar to a Creator who can acquire promising information and influence his life sequence.

As already mentioned above, any frequency consists of energy and information. Here, it is necessary to understand that the primary thing is developing your energy with its subsequent transfer to higher information forms, achievable through continuous frequency practice from an easy to a more challenging level, which may take some time.

The mechanism for tuning to the external field’s frequency is quite complicated. Despite its apparent simplicity, having a spiritual vision confirmed by dowsing methods is critical. Because the «vision» is frequently a violent imagination that has nothing to do with reality, this is required to complete the work perfectly. As a result, the CosmoMag school emphasizes a scientific evidence-based approach to diagnosis..

So, the mission of the CosmoMagov school is to train highly qualified, educated specialists who can bring knowledge and light to society and improve their health and quality of life with the help of specific energy techniques. The energy structure of a person who owns the energies of the «CosmoMag» school is strikingly different from that of the overwhelming majority of people. High-frequency energy levels attract relevant positive events into one’s life and provide powerful energy protection, which is essential in society.
There are two levels of education at CosmoMag School. The first level is the mastery of V.A. Petrov’s classical cosmoenergy. The second level, the advanced level, is the mastery of the techniques of the CosmoMage, consisting of energies discovered by the leading progressor of cosmoenergy I.A. Andreev. These techniques are intended both for robust spiritual development and for all kinds of healing and magical work.

The energies of «CosmoMag» come from the Hutta system, which V.A.Petrov began receiving just before he left. The Hutta or «space geometry» energies were only available in their classical form at the time. Still, I.A. Andreev has since turned them into 146 shock matrices, which have been successfully implemented by healers CosmoMag for some years.

Moreover, the matrices themselves perform such a unique type of work as exorcism, in the most challenging cases, when all cosmoenergy magicians and healers refuse the patient. By the way, one of the Impact Hutta matrices is called the Odin Matrix and unfolds into the legendary Runic Hutta, which has no analogs in terms of impact strength and power.

The following technique of the CosmoMag is the fifth block of natural synthesis. This block serves to instantly activate the human energy matrix, which in turn allows you to concentrate a tremendous amount of energy in a short time. These frequencies were obtained at places of power in different parts of the world: in Jordan, Cambodia, Israel, Egypt, in Karelia (Mount Votovara), in Altai, in the Perm region of Russia (anomalous zone of Molebka), and so on.

The energies of this block serve both to enhance the student’s field energy and perform particular healing and protective functions. The energy-information magic systems «CosmoMag-alpha» and «CosmoMag-betta» require special attention. This system is analogous to classical cosmoenergy but works at a higher frequency level and gives awe-inspiring results in both healing and magical practices.

And finally, the last of the techniques of the «Cosmomag» school is the Runic Row of Transformers.
These runes were collected and synthesized by Igor Andreev, the Leading Progressor, from ancient Atlantean civilizations.

Runic CosmoMags are a separate clan of students who entered runes into their energy and learned how to make intricate rune blocks for any life situation. As a rule, Runic CosmoMags try to only occasionally use runes in their professional activities, supplementing the rune blocks with energies of other frequencies in the school system.

All the «Cosmomag» systems are developed by the head of the school, the leading progressor of cosmoenergy Igor Andreev.

Leading Progressor of Cosmoenergy, Academician, Professor, Doctor of Parapsychology Andreev I.A.