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When people hear words, they always strive to rethink and understand them from their perspective. As a result, each individual’s picture emerges to be different.

In our society, how often do we hear, «You misunderstood me!» And this is true because words ultimately conceal the pure truth, as was mentioned by ancient magicians.

The blessing and curse of our time are that people have become interested in spiritual practices. When there is a collective request, a massive amount of information appears, which does not always correspond to the truth. Fundamental knowledge can only be conveyed without deformation through communication directly.

That is why learning through books or articles is so tough. And another dilemma instantly arises: finding the correct teacher while not becoming overwhelmed by the flood of information.

As you are aware, there are two ways for a person to perceive reality: The first method is rational. We analyze all of the benefits and disadvantages while reading advertisements and looking at beautiful articles or books, attempting to understand and not make mistakes. However, in this scenario, we have no idea whose opinions the author is disseminating. Furthermore, we do not see the author, his eyes, and we are not a part of the story.

And there is another method, an irrational one when you see the author, feel his energy, and for some reason, you feel drawn to him, as if you want to learn what he is broadcasting into this world.

You can never make a mistake with this perception since the heart is never wrong. Furthermore, suppose you wish to engage in energy-informational practices like cosmoenergy. In that case, it is best to try to experience the energies that the teacher possesses, as this will be the best evidence that your heart is not mistaken.

That is why it is typical at our «CosmoMages» school to record sessions and post them on our video channel so that everyone may feel the energies and either accept or reject them. And there is immense power in this since there is only pure truth, which is action-creation, the energetic fusion of you and the one who transmits energy.

And no more words are required, since when your heart begins to sing, no words for or against matter, and all created and implausible theories, commercial gimmicks, and so on fade away. You typically have the feeling that you have discovered what you were looking for -your PATH — and that you have calmed down. Truth is always quiet and undetectable, consisting solely of action. And lying is always noisy and thieving, with no real action – essence.