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Школа Игоря Андреева









Школа Игоря Андреева









Школа Игоря Андреева









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Andreev, Igor

— Master of Psychology, Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist;

— Progressor KEN;

— Psychologist;

— Reiki Master since 1998 (RUDN University Diploma);

— Master of Taoist Practitioners (graduate of the Institute of Oriental Medicine of the RUDN University and the Institute of Restorative Medicine);

— Corresponding member of the Academy for the Study of Problems of
Informationological and Applied Anomology (AIPAN);
Creator and developer of Energy Information and Psychological Wellness Practices;

-Healthy Reiki practices since 1998


Qi Gong

. This is integral system of personal development, which is aimed primarily at improving and harmonizing the social level, improving health, relations in society and with people in general. After all, any spiritual development begins with the removal of negative programs, restoration of energy and strengthening of the physical plane.

Body-oriented activities also work out the joints and open all of the primary and secondary energy channels and meridians, as well as removing negative blockages in the body. As a result, cosmic frequencies become more powerful, productive, and secure in their operation. This is essential feature of the COSMOMAG BETTA . After all , the body is like a vessel filled with either clean or dirty water . And if the body contains negative blocks , then any work with energy will be ineffective .

Any express system will show this. As a result, COSMOBETTA is profound and fundamental, assisting a person in mastering the essence of energy and healing methods and achieving energy integrity, which translates to health and success in all aspects of life.That is why COSMOBETTA includes such practices as Qigong, Taijiquan, and Yoga, which help to strengthen physics, harmonize and strengthen energy flows. Training in the preparation of Qigong, Tai Ji Quan, and Yoga is available in elementary education at our school.

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13 — 16 июня Испания
21 — 24 июня Крым



6-13 августа Эльбрус

16 — 19 августа Дагестан

28 августа — 01 сентября Осетия



06 — 08 сентября Уральские горы
13 — 16 сентября Геленджик
19 — 25 сентября Болгария
28- 30 сентября Молёбка

04 — 08 октября Алтай

11 — 16 октября Турция

20 — 26 октября Тайланд




 1 — 4 ноября Турция

11 — 13 ноября Германия

15 — 17 ноября Подмосковье

22 — 25 ноября Болгария



2 — 5 декабря Мексика

20 — 23 декабря Сочи 





An urge for spiritual growth and a new worldview

Helping someone in evaluating their place in life

The way people think about the world and other people is changing.

The ability to combat the destructive side of one's personality

The Grand Master COSMOBETTA Qigong level is the pinnacle of wellness practices. Level Grand Master COSMOBETTA Qigong is a specialist who focuses on body-oriented, psychological, energy, and shamanic techniques.

There must be a person — a master of Reiki who will connect your field structures to the outer field.

This manipulation of the energy body attunement is called Reiki Energy Attunement.
With the participation of Progressor COSMOBETTA , a particular type of resonance is created, which changes the configuration of the human energy body to gain access to the main thing — the external energy of the cosmos.
Only after this initiation is training carried out; otherwise, there is simply nothing to teach; if a person does not have frequencies to which he is connected, how can he master them?

Only now may advanced progressors and healers make use of the Seventh Cosmic Race’s knowledge. Given that we are in the Kali Yuga age, all pathways aimed towards preserving a portion of humanity are now open for the first time in the history of cosmoenergy.

Healing by the Reiki energy

Getting rid of the accumulated negativity

Aggression is being cleansed

Getting Rid of Fears

Getting rid of Grudges

Is it possible for me to receive training?

Yes! You can do so by attending a seminar or webinar or by contacting the CEN Progressor for individual training for those ready to understand ancient information and learn how to convert energies.

The most conscientious or gifted individuals who merely need to «open» to the energy potential, personal diagnostics, and health-improving practices will be able to practice in Moscow or through Skype and achieve good results.

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Now I am going from Moscow to my place in Rostov-on-Don; I met with our Teacher. Once again, I am convinced that he first of all thinks about His students. He not only fed me by the welcoming Caucasian customs, but he also looked at me, cleansed, and re-energized me right away. In such a short amount of time, I covered a lot of ground that is critical to my spiritual and energetic growth. And I was reminded of how the Higher Forces were on my side when, after many years of wandering, they led me to the Great Master and Teacher — one of Russia’s most powerful magicians!!!


Hello and good morning! In the first week, my work grew dramatically, resulting in an increase in living, producing, and, well, felt like I was flying. Then, for a few days, an inner * worm * — the enemy — came and toughened me, even though the fourth session I barely felt, as it looked to me, but now I see that there was a re-realization and that it is still occurring.
And today, I * jerked * with overwhelming impatience, wrath, and despair… With my thoughts, I comprehend, but I can’t stop, and with a sudden * clack * and emptiness, I understood there was nothing inside — there was nothing… I drank some water and began to regain my composure, as well as fill my heart; it’s good to know that there is something! Awareness is a continuous process, and it is now evident why the worse the situation, the better. Life goes on through self-awareness, with different experiences and issues serving as lessons.


To describe the experiences, first smile-yawn three times, then press the chin to the chest, then straighten it, neon blue color, brightening. After a few minutes, I bent in half, i.e., I put my head to my knees (forcefully), straightened it, and filled it with heat (it warmed up nicely), scarlet colors. Everything was straightened out and repeated.
All of this occurred as a result of physiological cleansing elements. «The moss slipped off the window,» said the narrator, after a disturbing image. It’s now JOYFUL and EASY, and it’s FREE! Warmth emanates from within in waves. (It appears that YOU are carrying on the Work). Thank you very much, genuine!!!




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