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Is it possible for me to receive training?

Yes! You can do so by attending a seminar or webinar or by contacting the CEN Progressor for individual training for those ready to understand ancient information and learn how to convert energies.

The most conscientious or gifted individuals who merely need to «open» to the energy potential, personal diagnostics, and health-improving practices will be able to practice in Moscow or through Skype and achieve good results.

You can discover more messaging us on WhatsApp.

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The school of Igor Andreev is included in the Unified Register of Registered Certification Systems under the ROSS number RU31163.04ZhMFO, which was issued on February 4, 2014. SDSU. RU..002 SDSU. RU..002 SDSU. RU..002 SDSU. RU..002 SDSU. RU

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