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The mission of the school is to help people find the energy and mental integrity, learn to build energy defenses and be able to heal their body and help other people to do the same. Also, working with certain types of energies, you can build your own event series, which means you can be happy, successful and healthy.

A more in-depth study of the school’s techniques will help you find the Path of the Magician and go beyond your own development matrix, to receive a planetary mission to help other people enlighten. But you need to be ready for this knowledge, for to acquire the Path means to become light yourself and to devote yourself to the spread of light on a planetary scale.

There is a frequency known as the » MATRITSA MIROZDANIYA (MATRIX OF СREATION ) » at the levels of the Master-CosmoMag, which happens when the student loses his duality and can embrace the cosmos as one harmonic organism, where everything is in everything and there is no more division.
Great planetary and cosmic powers merge and focus in a person when duality dissolves, magnifying his strength many times more.

When you can realize any occurrence at the level of intention, an entirely different quality of work emerges. However, this is merely the first step for the student to take. The second stage is to raise one’s degree of consciousness because strength without awareness is a recipe for disaster.

Un-awakened people always split everything into good and evil, even if they don’t know what is good and evil. As they say, the road to Hell is covered with good intentions. Moving in the dark without comprehending the laws of the universe puts you in constant danger, risking every time, making a mistake, and getting another life blow.

As a result, each mastery of new energies will provide the strength to carry out an action and information of a particular kind, which will manifest as a spiritual vision. New initiations will gradually lift the curtain of secrets, allowing a greater comprehension of the truth to emerge.  All events will be perceived from the world of causes, not effects.

Understanding the very essence of things makes it possible to accurately perform any actions, since their consequences will already be clear in advance. 
The powers of an irrational, causal view of the cosmos, as well as, most importantly, a comprehension of the universe’s and karma’s laws, are formed as a result of training.

The opening of the heart is the third step of CosmoMag’s evolution. This isn’t the typical human love that most people know. Love that is characterized as causal love. A person loves something, and there is always a reason and an object for that love. We’re talking about unconditional love for everything and everyone.  This is love as a mental and spiritual state, when a person is just joyful, with no ties to specific items. Many thousands of years ago, ancient Taoists and yogis discovered the concept of enlightenment to work with energies and kept this information secret. The employment of this knowledge and procedures by un-awakened uneducated individuals could have disastrous results, which is why all hidden knowledge is only passed on after extensive preparation, both energetically and psychologically. Until now, in the minds of people, Taoist practices and Qigong are perceived as ordinary gymnastics, although the word «Qi» is translated from Chinese as «energy.» The highest forms of Qigong focus exclusively on working with energies, other worlds, and dimensions. Qigong’s preparation for working with energies begins with physical training.

So, the first stage of training usually begins with the initial 12 frequencies of the main energy-information SYSTEM COSMOBETTA, based on ancient forms of healing and magic: Qigong, Reiki practices and classical Cosmoenergy. The key difference between KEN and Reiki is a more in-depth approach to working out, which includes creating your energy matrix and working out the 12 main and eight minor meridians.. The student gathers energy for four weeks after atonement to 12 frequencies, cleanses the chakra system, and is filled with synthesis energy, which can change negative energy blocks into pure positive energy. The student learns to operate a TROYNOY OBOGREVATEL’ (TRIPLE HEATER) in the final two weeks, which develops the proper distribution of energies in the human body as well as energy defences (for details, see the CosmoBetta section).All of this must be combined with CosmoMag’s Taoist energy exercises in order to open the primary energy spots.

According to practice, the skills of cleansing and building protection can help you repel energy and psychological attacks and especially keep you safe from the effects of energy vampires of all kinds. After four weeks of training, the energy recovers to its reference state, resulting in significant health and social improvements. Because like attracts like and light constantly absorbs darkness, this is the bare minimum of preparedness at which a person becomes joyful, happy, and tranquil, and may benefit others at work and home.

If you radiate from the inside out, the people around you will change according to absorption law since everyone starts with a perfect divine foundation. Only harmful programs, especially generic ones, can corrupt that divine essence and turn someone evil and ignorant. Communicating with such people, you will unconsciously clear their consciousness, and the wave of light will completely fill them and change. I would also like to warn the so-called independent seekers of esoteric knowledge: entering the world of energies without a conductor is extremely dangerous, since there is no correct source of energy and information. All right information has always been passed down through word-of-mouth initiations and has never been made public.

Further training will depend on the personal characteristics of the student. After elementary school, it is most acceptable to learn how to work with planetary synthesis, which comes in the form of 4 and 5 blocks, if a person’s ancestral energy channel was previously blocked.

Synthesis energies are capable of raising energy to an even higher level. And also continue to transform damaging programs, including generic and karmic ones, at various differentiated levels. After mastering the energies of synthesis, you can continue training in COSMOMAG BETTA or get a specialization in working with RUNES TRANSFORMER. Because mastering runes entails creating unique formulas for changing reality, you’ll need a distinct analytical mindset for this approach. The rune as a carrier has a unique combination of energies, which, when activated according to the law of similarity, connect with their own sources and form a unique configuration of energies for transforming the necessary part of space in the form of integral event series. Connecting runes into formulas is the ultimate art, requiring a thorough comprehension of karmic rules, as well as a good vision of the subtle realms and the development of causal linkages. Any distortion of reality always has unique ramifications for the individual who applies the runic series.

It works as follows: with the help of runes, you connect the destinies of those who, according to karma, should not be together, and pay for this with the loss of your loved one. It’s like driving a car without knowing the traffic rules.

Therefore, there is a certain order of teaching runic art, including work on the correct vision and on the study of the rules for diagnosing any situation. Without a serious study of each situation, including the psychoanalytic profile, it is impossible to work with such instruments. The RUNES TRANSFORMER have three levels: beginner, master and magister. The drawing of the runes from the first two blocks occurs in a two-dimensional plane, but when the runes are activated, we see the rotation of the rune already in three-dimensional space. Starting from the middle of the MASTER BLOCK , the runes are already drawn in a three-dimensional plane (trigonometric image), and when activated and rotated, you need to see them as a multidimensional image.

Thus, for the study of the third block, the student should form a very clear multidimensional vision in space, and this is a very high level of perception of reality.

After training at least the beginners level of the transformer runes, you can take the training of the Wellness block of COSMOMAG BETTA and then the—The Master’s field, The Shaman’s block, The Magister block, The Magister field and The Grand Master level. All these techniques must be combined with the study of various Qigong and Tai JI Quan techniques and constantly increase your energy, since it is the strength and density of your energy, the purity and concentration of consciousness that determine your personal strength and the power of your work by all the techniques listed above.

All techniques in printed form are rather abbreviated, since the main transfer of knowledge is always carried out only by word of mouth. Also, at the stage of studying the health-improving block, it is planned to study the methods of dowsing, as an auxiliary method of energy diagnostics. This method can be used in everyday life as well. For example, using the author’s diagnostic methods of our school, you can choose medicines in the pharmacy, the most suitable food products, independently diagnose personal relationships between people, taking into account the personal energy of each, and so on.

Any social issue, such as job, life choices, and so on, can be addressed with diagnostic approaches. Diagnostic techniques are used in conjunction with «the knowledge crystal» (COSMOMAG BETTA frequency). And the crown of creativity of the COSMOMAG BETTA SYSTEM is the study of the classical HUTTA and the HUTTA SHOCK MATRICES . The energies of HUTTA are unique in nature and do not know the limits of their application on the physical plane. Since the COSMOMAG BETTA is a symbiosis of HUTTA’s space geometry and planetary and cosmic synthesis, then the HUTTA’S SHOCK MATRIX is a complicated differential system capable of completely modifying any portion of space and containing only the highest fire cosmic vibrations.

In practice, the evolution of consciousness, the restructuring of the spiritual and energy matrix, the transition to the indigo mode and the realization of the highest goals of mankind take place. These tasks are beyond the strength of the human mind and require a powerful expansion of consciousness. That is, we are talking about the direct perception of information, primarily a mental image, a very complex multicolored structure. As these energies are accumulated in the form of mental images, the limit of the possibility of human memory comes, and a more complex mental image, which cannot be opened by simple memorization, opens by itself. At the same time, perception is adjusted in the necessary way, that is, at first the flow is opened, and then it is visualized as a mental image. This is the transition to direct perception and indigo consciousness. From this moment, the human consciousness begins to work for the external field in an open mode.

SHOCK HUTTA MATRICES are the ultimate stage in CosmoMag’s growth; from that point forward, his energy matrix is unconstrained by anything in our world, and he is free. So, as you can see, the path is quite difficult, but each person can take only what he can understand and realize at this stage of evolution.
All energies are presented in the form of sessions on our YouTube channels, and each person can tune in and feel the action of the frequencies discussed in this section. Any theory that lacks activity in the shape of practical action is doomed. Everything must be tried and tested, as I always tell my students.

Good luck to you, my dears, on the spiritual Path.


The HUTTA system encompasses the complete energy-information magical system divided into two sections: COSMOMAG ALPHA and COSMOMAG BETTA. Unlike space geometry, however, this system has a more straightforward use case and maybe conveyed to anyone without prior preparation. The control matrix of the system performs many actions automatically when opening frequencies.

COSMOMAG ALPHA is an anti-witchcraft block made up mostly of energies that can be used to counteract the effects of any energetic aggressor. It’s difficult to overestimate the magnitude of their influence.

The COSMOMAG ALPHA BLOCK’S energies are viewed as being significantly milder than the COSMOMAG BETTA BLOCK’S energies. This is because they contain more synthesis energy than HUTTA. It’s worth noting that the proportions of synthesis and HUTTA energies in each of these blocks differ.

Any frequency of the COSMOMAG ALPHA or COSMOMAG BETTA BLOCKS consists of two parts: the frequencies of HUTTA and the energies of planetary and cosmic synthesis.

The frequencies of the COSMOMAG ALPHA BLOCK contain 50 percent of the HUTTA energies and 50 percent of the energies of natural synthesis. This block also contains unique frequencies that have an absolutely unique specifics of work. For example, the frequency «SOMN » very powerfully neutralizes the work of absolutely all frequencies of the KILLER, some types of which did not close at all before the opening of the frequency «SOMN «.

Instead of a ‘working well,’ the «REGIZ» frequency operates in automated mode in the shape of a funnel at the zero level in the COSMOMAG BETTA BLOCK . Ash and heavy energies are discharged very quickly, since there is a very powerful torque.

If the person is attuned to the «REGIZ » frequency (COSMOMAG ALPHA BLOCK), the funnel can be raised from zero and brought right to the person’s height where the healing process is taking place. This will simplify the cleaning of the energy at times, since the negative energy will be drawn into the funnel of the «REGIZ » frequency.

The COSMOMAG ALPHA BLOCK’S frequencies contain many syntheses, which get more assertive when it comes into contact with a lot of negative energy.

The sections of the COSMOMAG BETTA BLOCK are as follows::

1. BLOCK OF SYNTHESIS-BUILDER (for preparing field structures)







In any Taoist practice, there is a mention of the fact that in order to work with external sources of energy, it is necessary to form your own integral, energy configuration, which should be tightly closed in the human energy circuit.

The idea is very simple and lies in the fact that a modern person who lives in an acute shortage of healthy energy sources accumulates a huge number of blocks and programs in energy channels and meridians. These programs prevent a healthy and correct flow of energies. As a result of energy congestion, excess centers of in homogeneous energies are formed. This leads to the failure of internal organs. Such centers can deploy the correct course of the flow of energies, which leads to the formation of the so-called «rebellious flows of Chi». These streams can cause phenomena such as a sharp rise in blood pressure, coughing, heartburn.

Furthermore, any psychological blockages and damaging programs can be pushed unknowingly into a person’s physical body, resulting in the construction of powerful blocks and clamps.


Another negative phenomenon of energy congestion is the imbalance of the human energy matrix. This will affect the work with the frequencies of the external field, since the whole meaning of each frequency will be distorted, which will lead to negative phenomena. 


The main sign that a person’s energy channels and meridians are clogged is lack of sensitivity when working with energies and inoperative chakras. This is an important obstacle in the development of vision and, as a result, work in the «black box» mode occurs. As a result, the «SYNTHESIS -BUILDER» BLOCK is crucial and first. Its mission is to create its energy circuit as well as a powerful aura.

The basic principle of the «SYNTHESIS -BUILDER » BLOCK is as follows: 1 — the neutral energy of synthesis is able to transform negative energy into positive, 2 — this energy is able to dissolve powerful blocks in energy channels and meridians, 3 — this type of energy is able to restore and strengthen its own energy .Only after that, having formed a powerful energy matrix, can you successfully work with external energy sources. That is, in fact, we must pump our own field so that all energy channels and meridians open and our own energy begins to smoothly circulate through them. And after that, you can connect to external energy sources (solitons).

In addition to working with the energies of synthesis, it is necessary to do the exercises «Qigong», which together will help to form and strengthen your own energy bodies. So, let’s consider the algorithm of the first block of the «SYNTHESIS—BUILDER «. The energies of synthesis work in the following way: to activate a specific frequency, we look at the picture and after that, when we close our eyes, we sort of pull (the picture key) into the sixth chakra and this frequency is activated. At the same time, with your eyes closed, you can see the picture on the internal screen.

So, the first thing we do is activate the frequencies «PYRAMIDA SHIVI » and «SEID LOTOS «. These two energies begin to vertically enter the first, seventh chakras and pump all energy channels and meridians, dissolving blocks and turning them into an additional energy resource, for formation of the primary level of the aura.

In the future, these two frequencies can be used to pump and strengthen the «protective pyramids». 
Then the frequency of synthesis of the «VIXREVOE OGNENNOY’E KOLZ’O » opens at the level of the pelvis and this ring goes down to the feet and then rises to the head. According to this scheme, the movement of the ring is carried out not in a cylindrical shape, but in the shape of an egg along the borders of the aura, and thus filling and cleaning the horizontal, encircling energy channels, a dense protective shell is built around the body. Powerful pumping and work with the aura in vertical and horizontal planes is performed.

Thus, the primary level of the aura is being formed due to two opposite frequencies moving vertically: «SEID LOTOS» from below, «PYRAMIDA SHIVI» from above and «VIXREVOE OGNENNOY’E KOLZ’O» working in the vertical plane.

Having finished the formation of the first level aura, we begin to build and fill the central energy channel (spinal column).

This is done with the two-level frequency «BUDDHA NAGA «. Working with the spine is also a very important task because:

1) The spinal column is an energy channel that feeds the brain with energy of a two-level plane;

2) Gives a powerful expansion of consciousness and leads to new, high levels of awareness;

3) On the physical plane, the brain is fed through the central energy channel, which sharply increases the intellectual capabilities of a person.

The spinal column consists of three energy channels:

a) central — energies of a neutral plan,

b) the lunar channel — the energy of the intuitive plan;

c) the solar channel — the energy of action.

All three channels are connected in each chakra and without pumping them, it is impossible to qualitatively activate the work of the chakras. As can be seen, the effort on launching the chakras will be formal in nature until each part is first detailed and clarified.

Scheme of work with the spinal column:

1) we pinch the tailbone and block the leakage of energies, connecting the energy channels Yin and Yang;

2) we open the frequency «BUDDHA » (with repeated repetition of «BUDDHA -BUDDHA -BUDDHA » we can intensify the flow of energies), which begins to fill the spinal column from the first chakra, while it is necessary to mentally pack energy using a certain type of breathing .

3) we open the energy of the «NAGA » frequency, which begins to spiral around the spinal column from the first chakra, pumping and filling the three energy channels from the bottom up.

And at the end it leaves the seventh chakra expanding it.

And only after that we start to form high quality energy and form the second level aura.

The first thing we do is open the COSMOMAG BETTA frequency «TROYNOY OBOGREVATEL’ (TRIPLE HEATER ) «.

This leads to the rotation of the three cinnabar fields and leads to the circulation of energy between them. The symbiosis of the energies of natural synthesis and the energies of the three cinnabar fields form a very powerful, dense and high quality aura energy of the second level.

It is this combination of energies that ensures the soft and uniform movement of energy flows in all the subtle bodies of a person.

To enhance the work, you can open the “ BOGINYA HAT – HOR (GODDES HAT-HOR) ” frequency and through the first chakra fill it with additional synthesis energy, which will strengthen the work of neutralizing energy dirt, since the main function of the “BOGINYA HAT – HOR (GODDES HAT-HOR ) ” frequency is to ground and tie heavy ash energies. But for better work, it is necessary to additionally open the «REGIZ » frequency, so that with the help of the torque, the negative can be removed from the field in a qualitative manner.

And at the end of the work, one should open the «SPHERA SYILI (SPHERE OF POWER ) » frequency to transform the remaining negative into positive energy of synthesis for long-term retention of the received energy in the field structures.

The second block of COSMOMAG BETTA is the launch block.

The launching block consists of frequencies: «BUDDHA ALPHA «, «BUDDHA BETTA», «BUDDHA GAMMA» and «BUDDHA SIGMA «.

This block has two main functions:

1) Cleansing, filling and launching chakras;

2) Entering a certain angle, to work in a health and magical aspect.


First function:

The launching of the chakras, in the synthesis of frequencies of COSMOMAG BETTA, is carried out in two stages:


the first stage is chakra cleansing;

the second stage is filling.

1.Chakras are cleaned as follows:

a) two frequencies «BUDDHA ALPHA » and «BUDDHA BETTA » open on the patient and on oneself.

b) At the level of the first chakra, a ball is formed from these energies and spins clockwise. When properly operated, the patient will develop a fever when working with the first chakra .

c) Next, we move the ball to the level of the second chakra and unwind in the same way. Thus, the work is carried out up to the fifth chakra inclusive, the sixth and seventh chakras are launched by one single ball.

We form an energy ball in the head and spin it clockwise.

We begin to raise the ball by half of the head and so on several times, at this moment all the remaining energy mud is squeezed out through the seventh chakra, while the lotus opens automatically. Work with the head is done from behind .

Then the frequencies «BUDDHA GAMMA «, «BUDDHA SIGMA » open and a ball is also formed to work from the first to the fifth chakras to fill them.

In the COSMOMAG ALPHA , BETTA SYSTEM , the following principle operates:

The frequencies that are required for work are opened during the session.

During the session, the frequencies are turned on or off as needed, in the order that is best suited to achieve the best result.

After completing the session, you need to thank the frequencies with the intention that they close after completing the work in the required volume.

During the launch of the chakras, for full work, you need to open the following frequencies:

1) «ULEO» — cleaning the gastrointestinal tract from toxins since they are usually the cause of serious illness;

2) «KRA-VIN » — improvement of the immune, nervous, endocrine systems;

3) «FIRA-GI» — blood and lymphatic system cleaning;

4) «STOPSIK» — spine health.

During the session, it is imperative to open the «GROTSIUS » frequency, in order to receive up-to-date information on working with the patient, and only after completing all of the above techniques, you can start working with healing frequencies for a specific disease.


All COSMOMAG BETTA frequencies are opened through the launching block, but the system has the ability to immediately open any frequency . In this case, the launching block opens automatically.

By opening the frequency, you also form a ball out of it in the organ you are working with, and spin the ball clockwise. At this moment, the ball is between your hands, where the right hand is supplying energy, and the left is receiving.

After the healing work, we thank the frequencies, and the ball continues its work until a certain amount of work is done.

Second function:

COSMOMAG BETTA («BUDDHA ALPHA «, «BUDDHA BETTA «, «BUDDHA GAMMA » and «BUDDHA SIGMA «) is a launching block that enters a certain perspective of work and makes it possible to activate other frequencies of the COSMOMAG BETTA system.

Simply put, all COSMOMAG BETTA frequencies are opened through the “ LAUNCH BLOCK “ .

Any healer’s job begins with diagnostics, followed by the creation of a program consisting of a set of frequencies. The healer’s first action is to cleanse the patient. Practically everyone has energy-informational lesions of varied degrees, and a healing or social program is created based on this. In COSMOMAG BETTA , any cleansing begins with the first two frequencies: BUDDHA ALPHA and BUDDHA BETTA.


Buddha Alpha

Removes any bad energy from a person’s field structures. Any cleansing program aiming at this type of cleansing should begin with this frequency. For example : BUDDHA ALPHA + ULEO (cleaning the digestive tract) + CRASTIUS (shock fiery frequency).

Buddha Betta 

Performs a more thorough cleansing of a person, Enabling the karmic and generic harmful programs elimination. It’s the first time this style of work has been featured in a program. Working to detoxify karmic hereditary bad programming, for example, BUDDHA BETTA + SUTRIKAR (removes clan karma, karma from previous incarnations, and personal karma) + IYESHUA (clears the fate matriarchy matrix from all negative programs, breaks negative connections and connections at all levels, cleans the energy of the family ).


Launching frequency on a social welfare program. When the cleansing of the person is completed, the chakras are launched and the energy is restored, you can begin to work with the program for well-being. In fact, the frequency of BUDDHA GAMMA is the frequency of the monetary egregor, or rather the key to opening the frequency spectrum of this egregor.
Having compiled a program from certain frequencies of the monetary egregor, we fill the field structures of a person with energies of certain quality and, according to the principle, like attracts like, we carry out the task.
Example of work: BUDDHA GAMMA + EYFORIS (adjusts to the frequency of luck) + DOSTIUS (adjusts to the wave of material well-being, attracts the necessary events, closes causal relationships).


The frequency of love is the triggering frequency of all frequencies of a given spectrum in the system. After any cleansing, it is necessary to fill the field structures with the energies of this category.

The frequencies of this group contribute to the disclosure of a person’s spiritual potential and transfer him to a qualitatively new higher level of awareness.

This tutorial provides very simple examples of how to create programs for working with frequencies and, of course, you can supplement them with other frequencies from the COSMOMAG ALPHA and COSMOMAG BETTA systems.

As a rule, people who live and carry out their main activities in society have a maximum of three chakras open, and in the bulk, only two.

The opening of the fourth chakra is actually an awakening and the beginning of the spiritual path for a person, when the perception of reality begins to change dramatically.

However, one must understand that the development of all that exists is through a gradual increase in the level of frequency, and without learning to be successful at the levels of awareness of the first three levels, it is impossible to reveal the fourth.

Thus, we learn to work with energies at all levels.

Any energy can be successfully applied in absolutely different planes, it is only important to understand the very essence—the reason from which a certain energy or group of energies begins to arise.

Examples of social use of these energies.

The frequencies of this group can be used in negotiations, when you need to achieve a certain positive state among those present and arouse sympathy for yourself personally and for the issues that you are lobbying.
You can charge items and goods for their quick sale, and so on.

You can charge with energy the items and goods for their rapid sale, and so forth.

An example of working with a retail outlet:

We open the frequency BUDDHA ALPHA + CRASTIUS (we clean the room and goods from negativity), then we open the frequency BUDDHA GAMMA + EYFORIS (we fill it with the energy of well-being), then we open the BUDDHA SIGMA + STORGE (we charge the product with the energy of love—the object begins to arouse interest and sympathy) and, finally, we open frequency of GRUVI (frequency of attraction—we attract buyers).

As you can see, all frequencies can be used at different levels, for different purposes, it is only important to be able to correctly build an intention for a particular action.

So, the starting block of energies contains frequencies—keys to certain groups of energies, which can be used both independently and as part of certain programs.

The opening of the lotus and the working well is carried out automatically and in those cases when it is necessary for the successful implementation of the program that you are composing.

The school provides education at 5 levels:

1 . The second block of CosmoMag Betta is the launch block.


The main frequencies of the «BUILDER SYNTHESIS Block» are:
«GROTSIUS » «PYRAMIDA SHIVI «, «SEID LOTOS » «BUDDHA NAGA «, «VIXREVOYE OGNENNOYE KOLZ’O (VORTEX RING OF FIRE ) » , «BOGINYA HAT – HOR ( GODDES HAT – HOR ) » ,» SPHERA SYILI (SPHERE OF POWER)», the rest of the frequencies of this block are obtained at the request of the student ),


The goal of the entry-level is to learn how to form, pump your own energy, work with three cinnabar fields, work with information, build mental images and form powerful defenses on their basis (protective structures «golden and blue pyramids»), master self-launching chakras.

For the first week, the student must develop exclusively his own energy, with the help of the «SYNTHESIS -BUILDER BLOCK «, at the end of the first week, when the central energy channel and all other channels and meridians will be pumped, you can start working with the » TRIGGERING BLOCK » («BUDDHA ALPHA » , «BUDDHA BETTA «, «BUDDHA GAMMA «, «BUDDHA SIGMA «, «GROTSIUS «).

On mastering the method of self-cleaning, launching, filling the chakras and working with information during the second week.

From the third week, you should start forming defenses (protective structures «golden and blue pyramids»), which is the cornerstone in the safe operation of CosmoMag.

At the end of the three basic stages, the student is formed: his own powerful energy, a high-quality basic field on which it will be possible in the future to give as the basis for attunement for the student.



«SEID LOTOS» is aimed at a powerful activation of the synthesis field. When this frequency is opened, the pearl is instantly activated and launched, an instant construction of the Master’s field, in which the synthesis processes are effectively structured.

The synthesis is triggered in an unexpected manner. There is a large amount of energy coming in from the outside, which is sensed as a warm mass encircling the entire body. This frequency is an unlimited resource for working with energies of a higher order ( THE HUTTA BLOCK), while it allows you to restore energy in a short time, harmonize the fields of energy centers, gives powerful forces and can raise the level of consciousness.

«PYRAMIDA SHIVI»  The synthesis frequency aimed at activating and expanding the Master’s field.
The frequency clears the field of negative energy, allowing the organs, tissues, chakras, and meridians to be deeply cleansed.
It can be utilized to keep people safe (including at levels).
Frequency is a powerful resource for working with the HUTTA BLOCK .

«VIXREVOE OGNENNOY’E KOLZ’O» -the synthesis frequency aimed at activating and expanding the Master’s field. The frequency clears the field of negative energy, allowing the organs, tissues, chakras, and meridians to be deeply cleansed. It can be utilized to keep people safe (including at levels).

“ BOGINYA HAT- HOR “ —  is a synthesis frequency aimed at a powerful launch of the lower chakras. The upward flow provides protection at the lower levels, holding the situation, and grounding. The frequency has a feminine energy, soothes, relieves fatigue, overwork, puts everything in its place.
Frequency greatly enhances any healing work.

«BUDDHA NAGA» — The Master’s field is structured and expanded by the frequency (upward and downward streams) aiming at instant activation of the field of synthesis. The axial energy channel and energy meridians are well activated, resulting in a burst of strength. It is feasible to maintain the condition if it has an effective protective property.

«BUDDHA» —  is a frequency that works on the upper energy centers to activate the field of synthesis, a gentle descending cleansing stream. We’re working with the head; memory improves, and consciousness levels raise. It is a strong resource for working with the HUTTA block and may be utilized to amplify any session.

«NAGA» -The upward flow ensures the launch, opening, and saturation of the first three chakras, and builds a powerful barrier (with a fight back). It is a wonderful resource for dealing with the HUTTA Block and may be utilized to enhance any healing session.


SECOND STAGE: The frequencies are best taken symmetrically while tuning into the «WELLNESS » and «MASTER BLOCK.»
If you want to apply 5 frequencies from the «WELLNESS BLOCK» and 5 frequencies from the «MASTER BLOCK ,» you should start with the following frequencies: «ULEO», «STOPSIK», «KRA-VIN», and «FIRA-GI», because these frequencies are always used at the beginning of the patient’s treatment (see above).

The Master COSMOMAG BETTA field is created after attuning to all frequencies of the «WELLNESS ,» «MASTER » blocks. The MASTER COSMOMAG’S field, unlike the classical master’s field, is supported by three points of support (three cinnabar fields) and has a twisted, exceedingly elastic structure. This allows any blows to be reflected; such a field cannot be destroyed by more than one energy strike or masterful hit; the field can be built for three days in a succession. The MASTER’S field provides a significant energy boost and boosts the energy component of any health-improving work.

When an energy strike is delivered to the Master of COSMOMAG BETTA’S field, the field is crushed but not destroyed, and when the master begins to reconstruct the field, it returns to its previous state.

The description of the wellness block is available upon request only.


Attunement takes place in the «SHAMANIC,» «MASTER » blocks after getting the MASTER’S field. The «SHAMANIC BLOCK » is made up of synthesis and HUTTA energies in a proportion of 30% HUTTA energy to 70% synthesis energy. From the perspective of planetary energies, the «SHAMANIC BLOCK » contributes to the construction of the MASTER’S field.

The field of Master COSMOMAG BETTA is being developed for three days after these blocks have been worked out, with each day consisting of five levels:

The first layer is the  HUTTA
Second layer is the  SHAMANIC FILLER
Third layer is the HUTTA
Fourth layer is the SHAMANIC FILLER
Fifth layer is the HUTTA

On the second and third days, the field is built in the image and likeness of five levels. As a result, the field will consist of fifteen levels of protection. The MASTER’S field makes it possible to move through any worlds, dimensions, including shamanic levels.
The MASTER has access and entrance to any level of energy of almost any magical egregors of his own intention.

Descriptions of shamanic and master blocks are available on request only.


After the construction of the MASTER’S field, the attunement to the “GRAND MASTER ” Block takes place. The GRAND MASTER is a block  -the top of the COSMOMAG system.  Its energies have a floating structure in their composition as compared to the energies of synthesis and the energies of the HUTTA.

The shift can go both towards the energies of the HUTTA and towards the energies of synthesis. Regulated by intention, depending on the work being done. If «STELLA » is confronted with the fact that there is some kind of negativity in the chakra for any reason, for example, the chakras were not entirely cleansed after cleansing and when the chakras are triggered, «STELLA » is instantaneously reprogrammed and basically becomes 90 pencent HUTTA and begins to cleanse of negativity in the field.

After clearing the negative, «STELLA » will return to the proportions of the predominance of synthesis (90%), as you can see the frequencies of the «BLOCK GRAND MASTER » are doing a unique floating work.


Description of frequencies by blocks of the GRAND MASTER , COSMOMAG ALPHA , 4TH BLOCK OF SYNTHESIS is available upon request .



Versatility and the possibility of direct application in any situation are the necessary attributes of any teaching. Exploring cosmoenergy as a system of practical knowledge about energy, let us consider the beginning of the human path — the moment of the birth and formation of ancient civilizations. After an unthinkable mutation — cosmic symbiosis — an ancient intelligent man appeared on earth. The process of energy synthesis is what kept him alive in this difficult period, and this knowledge is most important for us, as for all modern people who strive to survive in the transition to a new era and continue their race.

At that time, many religions, cults and rituals were born, which reflected the inner ideas of the first people about the interaction of earthly and higher matters. The closest to the forces of nature and subtle plans was shamanism. It was a practical system of knowledge about the world. This is his deepest relationship with modern cosmoenergy.

Ancient shamanic legends describe the first people as fluid, unusually energetic, with an incompletely solidified body. Shamans talked about the inextricable connection of our ancestors with the Gods, that is, about the incomplete fixation of their physical body in this world. This description corresponds to the maximum of the energy synthesis — the point of energy directly associated with the complete transition, which in religion is called «ascension». This same state is similar to the transition between civilizations, or space symbiosis.

The energy of synthesis is related to all known artifacts, miracles and mysteries of man, ancient temple buildings. The very fact of its origin is more than mysterious, and is largely determined by the structure of the Universe. Indeed, it is impossible to describe everything with a three-dimensional human system of concepts. The very word «synthesis» implies a reaction, the process of forming a new substance or creation.



Therefore, the phenomenon of embryonic development and the source of control of this process is a mystery only for scientific circles, but we understand that at this stage the most intense synthesis reaction occurs. Further, in the course of life, its level decreases. Another reflection of this reaction on the physical plane is the process of protein biosynthesis, which never stops during life and is highest during the growth of the organism. Energy synthesis precedes the process of biosynthesis on the subtle plane and determines its activity.

The physical body will acquire an additional source of development in the future — independent nutrition, and the role of energy synthesis in the vital activities of the organism will diminish, but the relationship will remain. In addition, the energy synthesis reaction’s reverse flow begins to develop. Its core is that the physical body starts feeding the energetic one at the expense of stored resources.

How does this manifest itself in practice? Let’s remember how the best workers were selected in ancient times. They were fed till they were satisfied, and they were kept track of who ate what, when, and how much. The logic is simple, but accurate, that those who ate the most were regarded the best. The body’s ability to take more resources suggests that it can give more energy, increased efficiency and resistance to negative factors.

Well, if someone ate a lot, they didn’t take a worker — this is a warrior. Indeed, many days of feasts were inseparable with the warriors and their battles. Their ability to absorb an incredible amount of food shocked their contemporaries no less than their ability to fight. And this regularity is determined energetically. After all, the potential of a warrior in battle far exceeds the energy of a peaceful villager, and these resources had to be compensated. Energy determined the warrior’s ability to survive in battle, deflect the blows of spears and arrows, repel attacks for any length of time, and multiply his strength and endurance. History contains thousands of evidences of the invulnerability of great warriors, and their personal energy was the primary basis for it.

At the same time, the warriors were taught to have significant restrictions on food, since in various campaigns and voyages, their diet was often scarce. Not only did the body consume the accumulated organic reserves, it had to be able to receive energy recharge from the forces of nature, the elements and faith in the help of the Gods. An interesting fact is that many battles and battles of antiquity took place during a thunderstorm, when the energy potential of the biosphere is at its maximum. This could be used by warriors to multiply their strength. This art was perfectly mastered by the Russian knights and the Scandinavian Vikings. The acquisition of this knowledge went through a whole system of warrior initiations and the formation of his vision. The energies of the higher worlds, for example Valhalla, the possession of ancient knowledge, that is what determined the inexhaustible potential of the warriors.

In this diverse approach to nutrition, the variability in the way of using the energy of synthesis was manifested. Other people who mastered synthesis in full were various priests and clerics. You can recall a saying, which for some reason is taken as a joke, but it is, nevertheless, quite serious: «A good priest eats a goose in one sitting.» This is indeed the case, and we are talking about a good priest. From time immemorial, priests, wise men, and ministers of the church knew about the energy of synthesis and widely used it both for ritual purposes and for their own development. Prolonged fasts, restriction of nutrition, even voluntary starvation, often combined with active selfless activity, with intense internal spiritual study, forced the body to open the inherent information programs. The person showed unexpected skills, he could gain a flawless energy matrix and develop the ability to help other people.

Synthesis has never been forgotten by people who still live in bodies. Interpenetration on our life plane connects two bodies — physical and energy.

Sorcerers, or rather the priests of the oldest natural cult Voodoo, their art of zombifying the living and reviving the dead is directly related to the energy of synthesis, to which is added the action of poison—zombie powder. It is based on tetrodotoxin, a substance that can be found in sea fish—a box or tetrodont, the Japanese call it puffer fish. The energy of synthesis can revive the body with all the signs of death, this phenomenon has not been understood and has not been solved, but there is a whole line of white bokors—the keepers of cemeteries, designed to protect the peace of the deceased. Their goal is to counter black sorcerers who turn people into zombies. The zombie phenomenon is associated with a complete blockade of memory after the shock of poisoning, but it is known that the most common antidotes, for example, table salt, returned people both memory and consciousness, that is, after all these experiments, a person could remain alive. Japanese, who ate raw fugu fish meat could also end up on a gurney in a morgue, but there were cases times when a restaurant visitor could regain consciousness right there as well .

So, we said that synthesis—is the ability of human energy, under the influence of certain factors and a catalyst, to increase an unlimited number of times, the greater the demand for energy, the more the reaction develops. What is the starting mechanism? The catalyst is the energy of a person who has a forgotten reaction; it is his participation in the process that has an impact on other people’s work. A person learns to stop and start this reaction throughout time, discovering new applications and degrees of amplification. On a physical level, knowing how to synthesize protects its possessor against a variety of problems and risks. This is a type of stress-resistant thinking that a leader has, based on the belief that he or she can withstand even the most adverse external events.

Now let’s look at the synthesis process from the reverse side. Why did the ancient civilizations begin to slow down, and moreover, among the majority of the population? The answer is very simple—the process of generating energies in a large volume or synthesis is active only in extreme circumstances, when the most ancient subconscious matrices—animal perception of the world—are directly activated. In the context of the development of civilization, stabilization of existence, a comfortable life, which do not require energy-intensive actions that drive the personal evolution of a person, the synthesis process inevitably dies down. But it was precisely this ability of people in the distant past that served as the reason for interaction with other more advanced civilizations of the Cosmos. This is how mysterious and majestic megaliths and temples appeared on Earth in ancient times, while entire space natural observatories in different parts of the planet were attacked. These are the cities of the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs and many more religious buildings in South America and Honduras. These are the pyramids of Egypt, temple complexes of Europe, Central Asia, India and Southeast Asia, Easter Island, various ancient structures on the territory of Russia and even Antarctica. Many buildings have not reached us, destroyed by global catastrophes, many went underground, due to the natural process of soil formation, including underground pyramids, many are artificially hidden by scientists due to the fact that their existence refutes the established dogmas of history. But within the framework of this work, we are interested in the process of synthesis itself, so I will not delve further into megalithic cultures, this is a separate topic for a big conversation. 

Analyzing the very fact of the presence of these global structures, we see that the ancient society had a huge energy potential, which was inbadded in their construction, as well as striking our imagination and
clearly superior to the modern level of technology. These masterpieces of the ancient world, in addition to their monumentality, carried an absolute practical meaning. In an effort to unravel it, scientists have put forward many different hypotheses. And everything is quite simple. The pyramids and temples were run by the highest caste of ancient society in the area of ​​their intentions. They also made it possible for other civilizations to use the energy resource of mankind for its manifestation and disclosure. The use of the principles of global projections turned the temple complex into a space laboratory connected with other parts of the Universe, and also made it possible to regulate the interplanetary balance of energies. And there were many such laboratories, connected in a single energy chain, on Earth, their goal is the search for a new endless experience of the existence of Man. In addition, the use of the energy of synthesis in relation to religious construction, endowed people with extraordinary strength and endurance. This knowledge allowed them to reveal their sleeping potential and get new magical abilities. It was an opportunity for a transition to a new incarnation superior to the previous one. Many phenomena of cult construction will remain a mystery to us, but the very mechanism for triggering the energy of synthesis is, forgive enough, available.


Naturally, the synthesis process in a modern person is muted, but still determines the natural energy of the Chakras. The reaction involves two components — the energy matter of the center itself and an external source — the energy of the environment, earth, sky, nature. This condition is inherited by man from the time when people still lived in harmony with the earth.

The skills of synthesis are even more widely used when working with the energies of the Places of Power, the elements and elements. Places of Power affect us with directed streams to certain energy centers. Knowledge of synthesis allows you to use this natural power for the growth, development and nutrition of your own energy field. In this spectrum, the use of fusion energy is practically unlimited. The synthesis of the element of Water was part of the ancient ritual of initiation and subsequently became an integral attribute of Christian baptism. In the ancient world, rituals associated with the synthesis of the elements of Fire were widespread. Among the Slavs, such rituals were carried out by whole villages and clans, multiplying the energy of the processes (one can recall the holidays of Ivan Kupala, Maslenitsa, etc.)

Residents of cities have lost touch with nature, which turned into a great weakening of energy and many diseases for them. In addition, technogenic energy is not combined with the processes of natural synthesis, greatly distorting them.

The restoration of the state of synthesis, due to the pure energy of nature and Places of Power, is a natural and ancient process of healing. Perhaps this key should be considered the only one available to a modern person, filled with health surrogates. Many people are able to use this method themselves, naturally accelerating energy synthesis in themselves, the rest need the help of shamans or other healers who have this knowledge.

The shaman’s body itself is capable of generating a huge amount of energy of the subtle plane of the human level in a matter of moments. This art defines any of its rituals and has a strong influence both on all its participants, and on the shaman himself, going into a trance, and on all guests. It defines access to another level of knowledge, activated with a huge amount of energy. Synthesis is a catalyst for a reaction that can instantly increase the energy of any energy center an unlimited number of times. Under the influence of the direct knowledge and skill of the shaman, the natural reaction of synthesis could turn into a powerful explosion with the release of internal resources. This had the necessary effect on a seriously ill patient. The next art is to hold the reaction and distribute the energy correctly.


The synthesis reaction has been tested for energy massage, since it has a special effect on the skeletal system, warms up and softens bones, fills problem areas with energy and dispels stagnant ones. When working with a synthesis reaction, there is no need to pump out negative energy, as in a regular session. Any kind of negative energy, including foreign, can be the initial product for the synthesis reaction that opens in the patient’s energy centers. During the massage, first the first energy center opens, since it is this energy that corresponds to the skeletal system, then it is distributed throughout the entire skeletal system, which leads to effective relaxation of the clamped areas and filling them. The synthesis energy is employed in the second energy center while interacting with internal organs, and the major work is done in the fourth energy center when working with the heart.

The energy of synthesis is present in all dedications and initiations, in particular during the initiation of planetary and cosmic frequencies. At the same time, the student is instilled with a special energetic substance—the PEARL (ZHEMCHYZHINA) . 
It is white in color and exists due to the energy of synthesis.The pearl is an additional chakra and effective defense, it feeds on any negative energy and can reach the size of a soccer ball. Later, when teaching at the level of the MASTER , the energy of synthesis is used to form and maintain a special field of the MASTER , which is much denser and larger than the field of an ordinary person, and also contains a predominant white color, which indicates the energy of synthesis. At the level of the MASTER , the student also goes through the technique of interaction of the ascending and descending flows of Agni-Hum, when the flows unite at the level of the 4th energy center, a neutral synthetic energy is obtained that fills all problem areas.

So, speaking about space synthesis, we are talking about the energy art of man, practically unlimited by external factors. The role of this knowledge is especially relevant in the current transition period, which peaks in 2012, since this phase is characterized by an increase in the influence of alien cosmic energy. Interaction with it, the ability to effectively resist and assimilate new energies is the art of cosmic synthesis. Cosmo Synthesis is also a component of cosmic symbiosis, in which the promising energy information of cosmic plasmoids becomes the basis of synthesis. The ability of an individual to survive after such a space attack will be determined by the level of his ability to synthesize and assimilate alien energies.


The energies of the 4th block are unusual channels that are used in cosmo-energy or Reiki — they are a kind of planetary keys, effective resource energy practices that have become available due to the increased vibration frequency of cosmoenergy and the planetary field in general. These keys give access to unlimited resources of planetary synthesis, allow you to restore energy in a short time, heal most diseases, solve urgent life problems and open the path of self-realization as a cosmoenergy warrior. They change the quality of a person’s life at all levels—significantly increase libido, open and saturate the heart center, open vision, both in the second and first attention, give vivid lucid dreams and work in the out-of-body state. They work great remotely.

The effectiveness of such work, both in sessions and during training, was proved by us practically during 4 webinars. We received a lot of excellent feedback on this work, which now allows us to transfer these techniques with confidence. These practices give an excellent effect of counteracting magical influences and negative processes taking place in the social environment. They form around the practitioner a stable, harmonious, protected space for self-development and healing of oneself and loved ones. The strong effect of these energies affects the depth of the emotional and mental sphere of a person, transfers him to another vibration level, reveals to him all the diversity of multidimensional reality. Each person who has touched these practices lately has developed a completely new quality of life and is eager to share it with loved ones and those in need.

These are energies that manifest the Second Coming, they carry in themselves in practice the states that were said in the ancient writings of the Prophets — the Torah, the Gospel, the Koran, the Sunnah and other holy books. This has become a reality of our time, and in the future it will be the basis of a new planetary formation. Sooner or later, these energies will touch every person on earth, and it’s good if he is ready for them. This readiness is determined by the ability to accept the new and the ability to act, applying this new. Action is manifested prayer. It is many times more effective than any words. The time of vegetation and indifference is over. Every time, turning to God, a person asks for a better life, but you need to ask for knowledge, this is how the Creator of the Worlds communicates with dreams, and gives about them, gives us what we really need. It’s all too simple to stroll right past someone else’s issue. This is the sphere of activity, disclosure and realization—the way to achieve the inner Ideal inherent in each person. This is the Way of Life, as it was in ancient traditions, and it has become in modern cosmoenergy.

At present, more than 25 keys have been opened in the 4th energy block, they have been worked out, repeatedly used by different people and are ready for use. Some of these keys give access to parallel worlds, travel, some are applied. In particular, to activate the internal process of synthesis, structuring and directional action of these energies, for generic work, for protection and exorcism. The keys of parallel worlds have a very strong influence on the subconscious, make it possible to completely transfer perception to another world or place on the planet, access to the astral-time cliche and astral levels. Some are the frequencies of Places of Power and anomalous zones, some are the property of ancient secret societies. With all this, the block is open, that is, it is possible and necessary to independently open new keys and learn to work with them.

It is recommended to apply from the level of a Master of Cosmoenergy or Reiki. Individual keys can be transferred to beginners. Distance learning is possible.


The history of obtaining this knowledge will seem unreal to someone, but for a cosmoenergy practitioner, many miracles are an everyday reality. Although this case may surprise even the experienced. Moreover, we are talking about vital health-improving energy practices that can surprise many with their effect.

These energies of planetary synthesis effectively structure the Master’s field and all synthesis processes within it. These are efficient keys for distant energy transmission, including the transmission of synthesis structures such as the pearl and the Master’s field over long distances, with higher efficiency than direct work.. The same technique can be used for remote healing, for setting these structures of synthesis for healing purposes.

The frequencies of classical cosmoenergy are magnified by the collected field of synthesis, as if a good master is working, but this effect is produced here due to the energies of planetary synthesis, which will be detailed later. It turns out like a perfectly working standard of the master’s work and still good external amplification. Such work yields an excellent result, and it is done via remote transmission, which is now the usual.

The amplification effect when working at a distance occurs for several reasons. This is the absence of external interaction, such as the grinding of fields, that is, the alignment of resonances, in which the loss of energy is inevitable, and, what is important, at close resonances of the fields, the effect is greatly smoothed out during transmission. But when transmitted over a distance, on the contrary, it is amplified.

Suppose the Master works from his circle of work or from a place of power to a distance, his patient is in the hospital in a discharged zone and still at low vibrations. And in this case, the effect of the work is amazing. It is worth noting the factor of faith, which is enhanced by transmission at a distance, when a person gets such a good effect.

The matrix that controls the operation of the 4 blocks must also be taken into account. For example, when working on a heart attack to raise a patient, he saw how his heart was changed to a new one. The Matrix worked, but he was only given a healing field and a pearl, which actually included further work. The matrix is ​​activated with a significant increase in energy potential and immediately gives work to the output. A sufficient number of reviews have been received on such work, this is work at levels and astral clichés, one way or another connected with the personal qualities of the practitioner.

During the work of 4 blocks, synthesis is activated in a completely unusual way, as if there is an infusion of energy from the outside, and in excess volume. Energy is often perceived as a viscous warm mass spreading through the body. This is how synthesis is unusually activated at the level of different chakras, but the advantage is 5 and, less often 4 and 2.

Many of these energies came as if by order, and many of the energies of the 4th block solve the cosmoenergy’s critical concerns. For example, on Mount Vottovaara in Karelia, work on the family tree in an unusual way, blocking excess synthesis and pumping out ash, work with parallel worlds, and some keys are active. By the way, the very experience of switching realities gives a meaningful lesson. Very often this is an effective way of solving problems in the mind—simply by changing perception. After all, there in that world these problems do not exist.

Work on alien energy and dead astral, in the entire field of interaction of cosmoenergy, is an effective key to exorcism. A number of observations show that the fields turn purple, or after work, a violet border remains at the edges of the aura, which gives a protective effect against foreign energy. The Violet Fire Technique has a powerful cleansing work on the 6th energy center and the subconscious, and eliminates foreign inclusions in the consciousness. It is difficult to overestimate such an effect in our world, an inflated dead astral plane, most people have generic problems. And the root cause is the attachment to the dead, which has a negative effect, including mental disorders.


Our world needs improvement, and it has so many problems and so far gone that standard methods are already powerless. Considering the 4 block effect, the effectiveness of the remote transmission and the fast-efficacy, the subconscious request for help came in this form.


The 4th block was very successfully passed in the format of webinars with online broadcasting, at a distance, an audience of more than 100 people received similar conditions close to the transmitted ones, a large number of reviews about this work were received. At the same time, the effect was preserved in the record and is still stored there, speaking of the fact that this state is timeless, but the keys to it stored in the record are capable of activating this planetary matrix at any time. This is a completely new transmission method capable of covering a distance.

The healing effect of 4 blocks is greater in the psychological sphere, and an increase in libido, which gives synthesis, and a new quality of life, which gives the information in it. A person receives an inexhaustible potential inside, a state of love, a surge of creativity. Block 4 does not have a specific healing effect, but it is an excellent amplifier for the classical frequencies of the Buddhist block.

A defense from three active fields came to the 4th block, like nesting dolls entering each other. The effectiveness is confirmed by practice, the multi-directional fields in the places of interaction create completely impassable zones of field turbulence. This protection is also an effective resonator at the planetary level.

Description of the frequencies of the 4th block is available only on request.


The block is a set of natural synthesis frequencies, the keys of which were obtained at the places of power.

For a more complete understanding of the concept of SYNTHESIS, we will expand on this topic a little.

So, there are three types of synthesis:




Considering the above types of synthesis separately, we come to an understanding of how closely there is a close relationship between them in the work of cosmoenergy. Practice shows that work with the same frequencies of cosmoenergy for different people is very different in strength and quality. The answer to this question lies in the plane of interaction of all three types of synthesis.

So, let’s define the concept itself.

SYNTHESIS is the process of connecting or combining previously disparate things or concepts into a whole.

Internal synthesis is the starting point for the interaction of all three types of synthesis.

Internal synthesis is the ability of the human body to combine energy information or energies to produce an energy resource.

The process of energy synthesis goes on in the human body constantly, while a person lives, and this process is reversible, when the physical body feeds the subtle bodies of energies and vice versa. In the first case, this process occurs as a result of biochemical reactions of converting food into energy, which enters the subtle bodies of a person. However, the processes of internal synthesis in a modern person are very slowed down, since comfortable living conditions, low quality food, and the absence of extreme conditions for survival greatly inhibit the processes of generating energy in the required amount. Plus, life itself in society, where interactions take place at a technogenic frequency, makes its own adjustments in the form of negative ego constructions that block the normal operation of energy centers and the entire energy sector as a whole.

You can disperse this reaction with breathing and energy practices, tempering, a healthy lifestyle, all kinds of physical exercises and good nutrition. It becomes clear that the initial conditions for the work of cosmoenergy are different and depend on the ability to maintain the reactions of the inner synthesized at a high level, since when the frequencies are opened, the next type of synthesis comes into play — cosmosynthesis. This process involves synthesizing reference frequencies of the external field with the energy practitioner field frequencies, and the cleaner and more strong a person’s energy is, the more qualitative and powerful his cosmosynthesis work will be . Moreover, there are such blocks of frequencies as HUTTA (space geometry), which require a rather serious resource. energies of the subtle plan for quality work. The field structures are entirely de-energized when this unit is operated without the required energy sources, with all of the consequences that involves.

Thus, we come to the most important question—the purpose of the energies of natural synthesis. In this block, there are two basic components to the application of these frequencies.

The first aspect is the activation of the entire field structure at all levels.

The second aspect is the multiple strengthening of health-improving and masterful practices.

In fact, there is a powerful strengthening and acceleration of your energy and the opening of the chakra system at all levels, which gives you the opportunity to become a cosmoenergy practitioner of the highest qualification.

Natural synthesis frequencies are split into two categories: those that affect the lower levels and those that affect the upper levels. Revealing the lower levels gives you stability in life, the ability to have offspring, have excellent health, as well as develop leadership qualities. An understanding of the family tree and the unlocking of the generic power. Also, the frequencies of the lower levels (ascending frequencies) can serve as a good grounding after any healing session. The energies affecting the higher levels (descending frequencies) serve to activate the higher chakras of a person. When they are opened, extrasensory abilities and spiritual vision begin to develop.

So, for example, the activation of the fourth chakra makes it possible to read any information even through the wall, to carry out high-quality diagnostics of diseases. Opening the sixth chakra (Eye of Shiva) makes it possible to remember your past incarnations, to develop clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairvoyance. In addition, the opening of the higher chakras allows one to travel around the worlds. Also, there is a direct access to the energy-informational field and, as a result, it becomes possible to receive any information about the past, present and possible options for the future. This all concerns only the first aspect: the development of the subtle body and the human energy system as a whole.

The second aspect relates directly to healing and any kind of magical impacts . Natural synthesis has therapeutic value in and of itself, and can be used in treatment without cosmoenergy frequencies. You can work in both touch and non-contact modes by simply way of engaging the key for the chosen frequency. The most important thing is to find the energy required to address the sickness. Practice has shown that the most successful synthesis energies can be used to restore dead skin cells and treat various kinds of inflammatory processes.

When the cosmoenergy frequencies and natural synthesis are combined, the most potent therapeutic effect occurs.

There is a multiple amplification of the session itself, it is only important to choose the right set of frequencies. For example, when treating the upper respiratory tract, it is advisable to use the descending frequencies of synthesis in combination with the corresponding frequencies of the Buddhist block, in this case, the frequency of SVYATOY MOISEY ( St. Moses) .

The huge advantage of the new synthesis of CosmoMages lies precisely in the fact that some frequencies have specific therapeutic applications, which is invaluable in healing work, since the cosmosynthesis itself becomes targeted and has a single resonance. Also in the new synthesis there are frequencies that perfectly resonate with the matrices of the Impact and RUNIC HUTTA when working on all sorts of social aspects. For example, the energies of the “ ZOLOTOYE DEREVO BUDDHI (GOLDEN BUDDHA TREE ) ” create an excellent resource for the work of the MATRITSA BLAGOSOSTOYANIYA ( WELFARE MATRIX ) .

Thus, the energies of natural synthesis of CosmoMag have, in addition to the general enhancement energy of person and the development of extrasensory abilities, also applied aspects as for healing so for work with any social program ,for example to work for welfare .

A description of the frequencies for the blocks of planetary and space synthesis is available upon request.


Runes «Transformer» are a system opened by the progressor of cosmoenergy and СosmoMag Andreyev Igor at the places of power in Russia and other countries.

This system contains 36 runes. Each of them has a unique set of energies that, when engaged, can alter a person’s field energy-informational structures as well as spatial ones. This, with the final materialization, leads to the formation of the series of events set by the energy practitioner

A distinctive feature of these energies is that they work softly, transforming negative energy into energy of positive quality. However, in the inverted position of the runes, the semantics changes to the diametrically opposite.

This property of this system imposes certain requirements on the level of spiritual development of the Magician(energy practitioner ) and the level of his awareness. As you know, any knowledge and skills must be applied in accordance with moral and spiritual principles.

The energies of the Runes «Transformer» contain the necessary resource for the personal development of a person, because they work in three dimensions: physical, aural and charic.Working on the charic level is of particular value, since this level is the level of intention.

It is this level that shapes the work on the physical and aural plane. It allows you to achieve a higher awareness due to the mobility of the assemblage point. In fact, the charic level is the basis for the aural level and allows a person to form a higher spiritual goal.

This rune system can be used both independently and in combination with all cosmoenergy frequencies and all types of HUTTA .

As for the healing aspect, such a deep study of all levels makes the work of a healer powerful, accurate and fast.


Certain blocks are built from runes containing various combinations of runes to conduct the multidimensional tasks of the healing and magical planes. However, this technique is given directly during attunement.

Practice has shown that the use of different techniques in one session is the most productive. But it is very important to understand and know which energies work and, most importantly, in what sequence.

If, for example, any types of HUTTA require a certain energy resource in the form of synthesis energies, then the RUNES “TRANSFORMER » themselves are filling and do not require any additional work for restoration and harmonization.
The space we want to work with is structured by the «BO-TE» rune and filled with other runes necessary for performing certain actions.

For example, for total cleansing of a person, we visualize along the edges of the parts of the runes «BO» and «TE» and between them several runes that cleanse at different levels. We lower the entire block of runes on to a person, as if inscribing the entire rune block into a person.

Next, unpacking occurs—the implementation of energy from the runes and work begins. In addition to visualization, you can draw a certain rune block on a photograph or on any objects and even on parts of the body, if the latter is required to be improved.

In the Runic system itself, there are also many protective runes. They work superbly for both passive and active protection of a person and various premises, in particular a home.

To activate, it is enough to visualize the protective runes on a person and set the operating time. In the case when protection of any space is required, a circle or several circles of the runes of the same name are built and the operating time is also set. Practice shows that it is almost impossible to bypass such protection. With long term work, when conditions call for it, the runes can open on their own.

Before proceeding with the description of the runes, it should be emphasized that all the rune blocks must be compiled under the informational rune «KOS-ZUZL». In this case, it is possible to avoid drawing up the wrong rune blocks, consisting of runes that contradict each other. The work of all runes and rune blocks is quite versatile and is regulated by your intention.



The ORS rune can be used to cleanse any space. If you work with a person, then in addition to cleaning, the rune charges him with volitional fiery energy.

When combining the ORS rune with the KTOL-HARA rune and the JEMCHUJINA CosmoMagov ( Pearl of the CosmoMages), a powerful intention is formed to attract any positive events into your life.

The «ORS» rune can be used in a healing rune block, as a rune that suppresses infection and warms up the human body.

It can be used as a protective one and build a circle of fire or a wall of fire to cut off unpleasant events and circumstances. The «ORS» rune destroys damage of all types and essences of any rank.


This is the most powerful flow of energy on Earth. It is used in healing rune blocks as a rune, which gives a powerful energy boost and, as a result, multiplies immunity.

The rune «YRK-DEK» launches all chakras very well, starting with the first one. It fills any rune block with power and is a powerful driving force in the formation of any events in the future.

Strictly speaking, if the «ORS» rune attracts the necessary events for a person, then the «YRK-DEK» rune fills these events with power and contributes to their existence in the future.


The rune «SO-PRE» is used both independently to fill the field structures of a person with the energies of love and bliss, and as part of rune blocks.
In social aspects, it works to restore harmony in any community. However, for this it is more expedient to compose a run-block:


«ALE-GOT» — the rune of the association
«YRK-DEK» — the rune filling the situation with the power
«SO-PRE» — the rune of love

The rune «SO-PRE» can be used in rune blocks as the final work of the healer. After working with this rune, magical joyful vibes begin to emanate from a person, which attract all living things around.


The rune «HILIUS» is considered the most powerful and capacious, as it contains a huge set of healing energies. However, it is better to use it in combination with other runes in the rune block.

It is advisable to once again repeat the RUNES that are used in healing rune-blocks:

Rune «ORS» — burns through infections and removes negative programs, which are, as a rule, the cause of the diseases themselves. The same rune cleans field structures, warms up with colds.

The rune «YRK-DEK» — launches chakras, raises immunity + fills the entire rune block with power.

The rune «SO-PRE» — fills the fields after deleting negative programs.

The rune «FAIR» — launches any regeneration and healing processes.

The rune «PREKS» — indicates the direction and concentrates the impact.

The rune «MOR-ANSTABLE» — launches recovery processes.

The rune «ALE-GOT» — normalizes energy flows between organs in the body.

The rune «IPROS» — forms a space with a powerful energy potential.


This rune fills the subtle plans of a person with the energy of money through interaction with the monetary egregor. Forms and builds the necessary event series. She works more actively in the rune block.

For example,-

«ORS» — the attraction of positive events into life,
«YRK-DEK» — filling the rune block with a powerful force,
«IUS-BULIUS» — the rune of attraction.

This rune block can be used when working with spatial structures (shops, offices, apartments). It should be emphasized once again that when the runes work in blocks, the work is multidimensional and deep and, accordingly, most efficiently.


When this rune is activated, a very soft dense protective field of golden color is built around the object, which begins to transform all the negative outside and inside into the energy of love and creation. 
Thus, any attacks are reflected by the method of absorption and transformation; as a result, the attacked object receives additional energy supply. 
This is the most loyal protective rune that is available in this system.

As already mentioned at the beginning of the description of the «Transformer» rune system, their distinctive feature is a soft transforming function.


In an upright position, this rune is aimed at achieving a harmonious unification of various systems on the basis of an equivalent exchange of energies. This rune removes any vampiric and pathological connections.

In the healing aspect, the Rune «ALE-GOT» works to normalize the energy connections of all organs and their well-coordinated work. In the social aspect, its work is aimed at uniting any groups of people, normalizing family relations, creating creative teams.

In combination with other runes, such as «SO-PRE» (rune of love) and «GLO-SIZUS» (rune of tranquility), the rune «ALE-GOT» can stop destructive rallies, stop fights.

The rune «ALE-GOT» in combination with the rune — «SO-PRE» (the rune of love) can be used for spiritual development, namely in meditation to merge with the outside world into a single harmonious system.


This rune works to find the right direction and concentration of energies.
In the healing aspect, she accurately identifies and diagnoses those organs with which it is first of all necessary to work and concentrates the energy of other runes there as much as possible.

The rune «PREKS» works well for finding the essence, both in field structures and in various rooms, and precisely directs and concentrates the energies of the runes there, which will eliminate the habitation.

When using protective runes with return — Rune “PREKS” accurately indicates to them the epicenter of aggression and directs and concentrates the return blow. It can be used as part of a rune block to find its half.


This rune works to find your own path, your own need. Only finding one’s own path makes it possible to fulfill the life program of this incarnation.

In social terms, the NOVZ rune is used in rune blocks to satisfy any needs:

-the need for health improvement,
-the need for well-being,
-the need for creating a family,

-the need for acquiring the necessary human qualities, and so on.

The rune «NOVZ» gives rise to a desire to do something in a person. For example, for a drinking person, you can write an algorithm in which the person will not drink, because he enjoys something else. 

Therefore, the rune «NOVZ» can serve to consolidate certain programs in people. However, in this case, it is necessary to compose a rune block: «NOVZ» rune + «MAAKHA-TEN-PO» rune (removal, installation of programs).

For personal and spiritual growth, it is advisable to use the NOVZ rune in combination with the KTOL-KHARA rune. This rune block is effective for working out the charic level of Intention and Will, as well as for gaining and searching for the Spiritual Path.

Rune block «NOVZ» + “KTOL-HARA «. — this is the basis on which further work with the aural and physical levels is built and the formation of the Magician-healer with a capital letter takes place.


This rune works to improve any system on the subtle plane.

When working with a person, first of all, it works at the subconscious level, scans and highlights negative blocks and removes them.

«KRO-BAST» can change the energy matrix of a person, which leads to changes in appearance on the physical plane.

This rune gives a powerful burst of creative energy. On the social plane, «KRO-BAST» in rune blocks, as a rule, is an auxiliary rune and serves as a catalyst for bringing any situation out of a state of crisis (illness, any kind of trouble and life difficulties.)


This rune works at the deepest level — at the level of the spiritual core. She is the source of our creative energy. When unlocking the spiritual core in extreme situations, a person can set world records. For example, one person set the world record for high jumping when a tiger was chasing him. And there are many such examples.

This rune kindles an inner fire in a person and activates a powerful release of creative energy, with the help of which healing and regenerative processes can be triggered (not used in oncology).

So, the FAIR rune is an action in its purest form, which is constantly being updated. Fleece «FAIR» is a process of changing the situation. That is why any change can be fixed with this rune.


With the help of this rune, you can move through parallel worlds and view the space in which you are heading, and this rune also gives protection in other worlds.

Also in combination with the Rune «Master», the rune of dreams «KROSTER» — allows you to make shamanic journeys and interact with the spirits of nature. In parallel worlds, you can get the knowledge and skills you need for your development by forming a request for this job.


The rune allows you to accumulate energy and form a space with powerful energy potential.

In the inverted meaning, the rune «IPROS» can close any energy portals and de-energize (de-energize) any systems.

In a literal sense, you can use this rune in rune blocks to enhance a healing session.

In social terms, the rune «IPROS» can work for the growth or development of any enterprise and business, as well as work with children to improve their intellectual abilities. The rune «IPROS» works well in any commercial negotiations manage a situation.


To obtain the necessary and promising information with the help of this rune, you can get in touch with the Keepers of the Runes «Transformer». This rune also helps with difficulties in drawing up rune blocks.

The rune «KOS-ZUZL» can be used to transmit and receive information at a distance. It is enough to set the rune on yourself in an upright position, and on your opponent in an inverted position, and you can convey any information. Let’s say you need a certain person to call you or remember about you.

In the healing activity, the rune «KOS-ZUZL» allows you to view a person comprehensively up to viewing the karma of the past lives of this incarnation and ancestral branches.

This option of this rune can hardly be overestimated, since there are cases when it is absolutely impossible to take a patient, since his disease can be a condition for his stay on the ground and his treatment can be dangerous for the healer himself.


When working with a person or a group of persons, this rune works primarily with the nervous system, introduces a person into a state of harmony, helps to stop internal dialogue and blocks the release of negative programs from the subconscious.

«GLO-SIZUS» helps to maintain the state of the here and now. This rune can be used as part of rune blocks for all types of meditation, shamanic travel, and in the treatment of all types of mental illness. 

«GLO-SIZUS» works well as part of rune blocks to harmonize family relationships and relationships in any teams.


This rune restores all energy connections and is used in any recovery processes. This rune also works well for the synchronization of all field structures, energy channels and meridians.

In social matters, she works to restore relationships between different groups of people.

The rune “ MOR-ANSTABLE «can be used both independently and in rune blocks.

For example, to restore family relations, a rune block is created:

«YRK-DEK» — strength for this rune-block +

«GLO-SIZUS» — peace of mind in the family +

«MOR-ANSTABLE» — restoring family relations +

«STROKT-DUKHST» — family protection.

The rune «MOR-ANSTABLE» works very well as part of various healing rune blocks.


«TRES-NEBRIYA» launches the processes of transition of any system from one state to another. So, it is used in treatment. When it is necessary to quickly transfer a person from a state of illness to a state of health.

Here’s another example from the social sphere. You are working with a person for welfare. It is assumed that some changes should take place, in this case, the rune block uses «TRES-NEBRIYA» — the rune of changes.

In any rune-blocks where it is required to change the state, this rune is, as it were, an auxiliary rune.


This rune is of wide significance. It can work both independently and as part of a rune block.

In a healing session as an additional rune, «IUS-BULIUS» can be used to attract health and life energy.

This work can be done before the healing session itself and fixed by the rune «IPROS» (accumulation of energy and the formation of a space with a large energy potential) on the patient himself. After this preparatory work, you can already compose directly, a healing rune block.

On the social plane, you can attract the necessary positive events into your life, as well as customers to shops and offices. You can bring your soul mate into life (creating a family).

In an inverted position, you can get rid of a person in your life or remove an unpleasant event from your life. But one must understand that working with runes in an inverted position requires special skill and a deep understanding of the meaning of each rune.


The rune «BOTE» is capable of forming any space. This rune is also the rune of stopping and blocking. When a rune is opened for any system, it completely stops and freezes. As a rule, when drawing up any rune-blocks with the help of two parts of the «BO-TE» rune, the rune-block space is formed, which is then filled with the necessary rune spell.

The rune «BO-TE» can be used independently as a rune that stops the disease and relieves pain.


This rune can also be used as an etheric bridge to the future or a parallel world or another dimension, to transfer the energy of other runes.
It can work as part of runic patterns — a combination of several runes into one symbol.

For example, in combination with the «STROKHT — DUKHST» rune (upright position), the «KILI» rune creates a very powerful protective space.
When combined with the same rune in an inverted state, it creates a space of destruction. In this position, you can destroy the causes of diseases, destroy essences of all kinds, destroy powerful destructive egregors, and so on.

But for this work, it is best to use runic patterns of two runes. When a runic pattern of protection is formed on a person, the rune is fully embedded in the full growth of the person. The middle part of the rune passes through the solar plexus and intersects in it with the «STROKHT-DUKHST » rune of protection, and thus blocks any negative or energy blow.


When this rune is activated, you can form any situation. For this work, it is advisable to compose a rune block:

Rune «STREK» +Rune «KROSTER»Rune «YRK-DEK» Rune «KILI» (semantics in the context of time — etheric bridge).

The work takes place at the level of cause-and-effect relationships. The very technique of working with this rune block is given during attunement.

Dealing with past situations changes the present and the future. It can be used as a separate healing technique and as a technique for eliminating the cause of diseases in past events.


When this rune is activated, you can copy etheric counterparts into space and send them to any distance with certain tasks. In particular: attunement, treatment, protection.

A distinctive feature of the «PEO» Runes when copying twins is that they are maximally compacted and the speed of movement is several times higher than in classical cosmoenergy.


The fiery energies of this rune work to burn any kind of habitation (astral entities, plasmoids, demons, generic entities).

This rune removes any damage, including damage to death, removes all types of curses, including generic ones.

The rune «COURT» anneals any vampiric bindings, including the lower ones.

This rune puts fire protection from three fiery circles for three days.

The main purpose of the «COURT» rune is EXORCISM. It is best to make a run-block for this action:

«BO-TE» (formation of space) +

«COURT» (fire-earth) +

«KHUST» (rune ax)


This rune is a rune of destination. With its help, you can give any person the desired properties. If a person is indecisive, we designate him as brave and purposeful

This rune works very well in various business trainings.

In this context, it works well in the rune block:

«ALE-GOT» (we unite the team) +

«PREX» (we set the direction for changing the properties of the team) +

«KUL-BO» (we endow the team with certain properties).

This is like one of the options for the rune block.

In fact, under the information rune, you can make several options for one action or task, and the rune blocks will build and change the space as needed.


This rune leads a person forward. It launches it affects the level of the astral body (desire and emotions) and generates an interest in the intuitive knowledge of one’s Path.

A person begins to realize where to move on and eventually acquires the Path. This is the spiritual aspect of the RAKS rune. To fully realize this, it is necessary to meditate in the flow of this rune.

In social terms, work with this rune allows a person not to retreat from the intended path, systematically moving towards the goal.

On any road «RAKS» provides protection and gives hints about the most rational way. Works well in rune blocks aimed at choosing and implementing any life projects.

For example, activation of the path to well-being rune block:

«KTOL-HARA» (the formation of a powerful intention) +

«RAKS» (the path) + «VAR-OAN» (the rune of well-being) .


This rune helps to get rid of unnecessary energy-informational connections. The flow of this rune completely closes a person from any influence and reading information from him.When working on any negative situation, the KORKH rune, as it were, pulls it apart in different directions, preventing it from being realized.

An example of one of the rune blocks for the destruction of any negative situation:

Rune «KILI» (we enclose the situation in the space of the rune) +

Inverted rune «YRK-DEK» (we deprive the situation of power) +

«KORKH» (break, pulling this situation apart).


This rune in an upright position helps to always be in positive flows and to be in the right place at the right time.

When meditating in the flows of the Rune block:

«RAKS» + «MYIST-KULGE», you can receive reliable information about your path and receive the necessary energy resource for this, which will give knowledge, strength and information.

«MYIIST — KULGE» — is one of the runes of knowledge. She is able to carry out information protection. You will always have accurate information about the hazard. This rune can also be used when working with people who have lost or did not find their way and are now in the process of degradation. «MYIIST — KULGE» works for unprofitable commercial enterprises in order to revive them.


This rune serves to eliminate any obstacles. It is regulated by intention. In matters of personal and spiritual development, the flow of this rune activates the development of strength and will and concentration in a person. In the healing aspect, it is used as part of rune blocks to destroy any causes of diseases in the form of evil eyes, damage, curses, essences, vampiric bindings of all types, and so on. 

In this aspect, the following rune block is compiled:

«BO — TE» + «KHUST» + «BO-TE» and at the same time a program is set for a certain action.

This rune block is used as protection. In this case, it is necessary to install three rings from this rune on the protected object with the ax blade outward and set the action time. The runes work independently for approximately 13 hours. When working with situations, you can activate runes on various obstacles in order to destroy them.


The flow of this rune carries the energies of development, good luck and prosperity. Working in the flow of the «ARR» rune, all field structures and human energy centers are filled with the most powerful higher energies of creation and development. The spiritual core is fully opened and unblocked and personal creative power is activated.

The combination of these energies in field structures attracts similar vibrations from the world. There is a secondary materialization in the form of creative creative activity. Event ranks are formed in the form of unexpected proposals, meetings with interesting and necessary people for you.

The «ARR» rune can be used both for working with oneself and with a group of people. You can install this rune on any agreements, commercial offers and contracts.


The flow of this rune makes it possible to work with the subconscious, both to install certain programs and to remove them (forward and backward position of the rune).

In fact, you can install programs for luck, welfare, family creation, and so on. At the same time, in the opposite position, the flow of the rune is built in such a way that it is possible to unblock and remove negative programs, both artificially introduced and independently initiated in the process of life. This is especially possible in childhood, when negative shock events are recorded in the form of programs that begin to control a person in certain circumstances. Such programs are usually the cause of most serious illnesses.

As you know, these attitudes are formed either as a result of events — shocks or as a result of repeated repetition of negative attitudes.


By activating this rune, you can connect to various egregors to obtain the necessary energies, knowledge, skills and properties. The diagram of the setup and connection itself is given exclusively with personal tuning.

The work is carried out as follows. For example, you need to improve the health of a person. With the help of the «VORD-TEN» rune, you can tune the patient to the egregor of healthy people, as a result, he will receive the reference energies necessary for healing, or you can tune the loser to the egregor of successful goal-oriented people according to the same scheme and so on.


The flow of this rune helps us restore the integrity of the family tree, start the processes of restoring all the family chains going from our ancestors to us and from us to our children. A process is launched that affects the past and future of the race. 

With the help of certain meditative techniques (given during attunement), a certain positive image of the family tree is first formed, then an impulse is sent to the past to correct and restore all family chains in the family matrix.

This rune works only as part of the «ORS» Rune block (cleaning the generic matrix) + «YRK-DEK» (activation of the generic force) + «RODREST “ (correction and restoration of all ancestral chains in the generic matrix).


The flow of this rune transfers the brain to the «alpha» — state. The connection between consciousness and subconsciousness is established. In the flow of this rune, you can change the present, changing the events of the past. This technique can be used in healing sessions. The rune «KROSTER» can shape the events of the future. It is used in shamanic travel, various types of meditation work.


It is a powerful active recoil defense. (information when attuning).


«Bear trap» — powerful active protection with recoil (information when attuning)

There are 2 more levels of runes, master and master blocks, you can learn more about them on request.

classic hutta

The main difference between the HUTTA block and all the previous ones is its uniqueness at the planetary level. If the energies of the Master belong to the planetary frequencies of a higher order, then HUTTA is unique and has no boundaries of application on the physical plane.
This is an indisputable advantage, the cosmism is the knowledge, the focus on the Transition, all together have a unique effect on the student’s subconsciousness. And one must be fully prepared for this impact.

In 2001, the teacher began to initiate into BLOCK HUTTA , despite not being able to give deciphers of the operation of frequencies because he did not own them at the time, and his work with the block was conducted in an experimental fashion. The teacher originally recognized the importance of this block for the main work — the evolution of consciousness.

Indeed, during the development of this block, there is a transition to indigo consciousness, that is, the ability of direct perception of information and, first of all, a mental image, a very complex, multicolored structure. Such a task is beyond the strength of the ordinary mind, for opening frequencies requires an expansion of awareness. Practice begins with simple, opening mental images, then more complex ones. Then comes the limit of the possibilities of visual memory and a more complex mental image, which cannot be opened simply by memorization, opens by itself. At the same time, perception is adjusted in the necessary way, that is, first the flow is opened, and then it is visualized as a mental image. This is the transition to direct perception and indigo consciousness. From this moment, the human consciousness begins to work for the external field in an open mode.

The development of HUTTA is the final stage in the evolution of consciousness of the cosmoenergy, from that moment on, its energy matrix is not limited by anything in our world, it is released. The deep correction of the subconscious error of Homo sapiens, his collective mind, leading the planet to a global catastrophe, is coming to an end. From the point of view of mythology, HUTTA is the Transition and return to the lost paradise.

The possessor of HUTTA becomes a space warrior, is included in the global matrix of the universe, consciousness and evolution of the Universe, he is able to go through it and return, the border of the Transition in this case is the materialization of energies. Our consciousness is completely immersed in the material world, which is limited by a thin-plane structure that appears to the seer as a mesh grid. Crossing this border, the warrior enters the area of complete disidentification with the material world, and his consciousness becomes immaterial. This is, in fact, an analogue of clinical death, from which, as you know, no one likes to return. This is the most powerful ecstatic experience that a person can only experience, and nothing can be stronger than this in our world. This is a space of boundless light and pure cosmic mind, and our mind, enriched with earthly experience, becomes a part of it and enriches this boundless sea of consciousness as much as a drop can enrich the ocean. But this is a process of growth and development of this boundless ocean, and here the fundamental question is whether its matrix of consciousness is preserved or not. This is determined by the awareness of one’s life and the path and readiness for the Transition.

HUTTA is not the only way there, but open and presented to our civilization as a great gift, which is still practically not appreciated. For our time and the dominant consciousness of people, HUTTA is an inaccessible peak, and perhaps only the future generation will be able to use it.

An obstacle to development can be erroneous subconscious programs, generic and acquired, as well as internal aggression, body-oriented and conscious blocks. In this case, the student may experience internal discomfort, adaptive illness, weakness; these sensations frighten and stop many. Moreover, HUTTA is a radical tool and once it has opened, it does not stop until it does its job. But in a number of cases, the development can stop and be postponed to maintain the adequacy of the student. You need to be ready for HUTTA .

On the other hand, overcoming these difficulties, the student feels an extraordinary surge of strength and the opening of new horizons. HUTTA gives tremendous advantages for cosmoenergy in work, the activation of the lattice allows you to open the frequency in three-dimensional space to any visualized volume, to transfer work to a space of another dimension, and all this is controlled by the block matrix itself. HUTTA almost completely rebuilds the patient’s consciousness, removes the causes of the disease from him.

Petrov said more than once that the knowledge of the HUTTA BLOCK is needed for the Transition, and they are activated at the right time, which is happening today .


The system of the strike matrix of the HUTTA was created and systematized by the progressor of cosmoenergy Andreev Igor.

This system is a superstructure over the classical HUTTA and serves both for independent use and amplifying classical cosmoenergy. Each impact matrix fits into a single system of the overall impact matrix and performs a specific range of specific tasks. In this system, the concept of percussion is interpreted as a single frequency that includes a particular set of frequencies that perform a joint mission. All these features of this system make it extremely powerful and efficient and make it easier for the operator who no longer has to think about the selection of algorithms from the frequencies of the classical HUTTA for solving particular problems.

In actuality, the job that used to be done manually is now completed automatically. It’s enough to pick a problem and open a matrix that’s designed to solve the problem in full technically.

Let’s have a look at an example. The “ MATRITSA ZDOROVYA (HEALTH MATRIX) ” can be compared to a hospital, complete with all required equipment and a multi-specialty staff of specialists. When opened, the matrix diagnoses and treats all existing diseases according to the principle from complex to simple since some conditions can only result from more severe ailments.

So, on the impact and frequency characteristics, the new «STRIKE BLOCK HUTTA » can refer to a number of the new high-frequency energies, the impact of which not everyone can perceive at once.

The idea of ​​an energetic apocalypse isn’t all that new .According to numerous ancient predictions, a certain » NEBESNIYI OGON (HEAVENLY FIRE) » will fall to the earth at the allotted hour to cleanse it of pollution. In ancient times, the term «NEBESNIYI OGON (HEAVENLY F)» most likely referred to the highest cosmic forces.

Thus, the matrix removes not only the effect, but also the cause of the disease itself.

The » MATRITSA ZDOROVYA (MATRIX OF HEALTH ) » also includes sub-matrices that are responsible for their spectrum of diseases, as well as a matrix amplifier of the matrix of health, which gives space for work.  We can work as usual, but we can also strengthen our own work several times if necessary.  However, if you are used to the frequencies of cosmoenergy, you can also work with the target frequencies of the «BUDDHIST BLOCK «by opening the health matrix. «.

Thus, we see that the range of working tools of the healer is greatly expanding. Let me give you an example. The girl pricked her finger with a spring from a hair clip and did not treat the wound. As a result, the finger is swollen and festering. The healer opened the health matrix on himself and the girl and laid his hands on the sore spot. Fifteen minutes later, the girl asked to stop the session, as the finger began to burn and intense pain sensations went. The next day, not a trace of the problem remained. All matrices in a complex work together to solve all of the tasks.

The idea of ​​the coming to earth of new cosmic energies was reflected in the Gospel statement of Christ: «I came to bring down the fire on the earth and how I wish it had already kindled!» So, the arrival of new powerful energies on earth increases the intensity of the planet’s electromagnetic field, accompanied by various natural and social cataclysms.
The strengthening of spatial energies inevitably affects the state of the biofield of all inhabitants of our planet. There is an excellent cleansing of people and separation along the poles of Light and Darkness. So what happens under the influence of NEW HUTTA in the minds of people? When these energies contact a person’s consciousness, all his latent moral and potential spiritual manifest. People with low spiritual potential will embody all their base soul qualities; there will be a powerful cleansing and awareness as an opportunity to embark on the path of correction. Highly spiritual people will increase positive personal attributes, and this circumstance will only strengthen their spiritual evolution. The practice of applying the frequencies of the NEW HUTTA just reveals all the negative aspects in a person, helps to get rid of them, removes and cleans out all negative programs, instantly removes the essence of all ranks, helps in healing the soul and body and puts powerful defenses against all kinds of negative relapses.


At the moment I have received 107 matrices of «SHOCK HUTTA «. There is information that the second block of 70 matrices will be completed in the near future. In total there will be 140 matrices.

These two blocks are the Creator’s manifested energy passed through the Heavenly Cube, which serves as a filter since not a single person on earth can withstand the direct impact of these Energies. However, the «SHOCK HUTTA » goal is to receive the Creator’s Energies directly, but this still needs to be approached. Currently, I am allowed to transmit only 42 matrices without the right of initiation. The Supreme Enlightened Beings closely watch this; the Creator’s assistants are called the Curators of the HUTTA . They often come to the initiation, as a rule, after the second level and do the rituals necessary for a given initiate. Immediately I want to warn all spiritual dodgers who trade in God. Do not try to read or transmit these frequencies to anyone; this level should not be touched with dirty hands. Currently, cosmoenergy is not the best period since such spiritual mentors send dirty knowledge to people through gray channels, thereby crippling them. I’ve had a lot of real-life experiences when I’ve had to save people from bad initiations. That is why I have spent so much time explaining this, perhaps the most critical information to the reader. Purity of knowledge is what is necessary for any teaching and any initiation. I would also like to add that these Higher energies can be passed through any Egregor and give it a new quality and power.

For example, the » MATRITSA ODINA ( MATRIX OF ODIN ) » has now been received and developed, containing 24 runes or three ett of eight runes each. The first ett was and tested, and the effect exceeds all expectations. Eight runes of the first ett reveal the forces that are inherent in man by nature. Moreover, individual runes can be used both when compiling a rune script, and as complementary to various matrix combinations.

So let’s get back to the direct description of matrices. Initiation into the matrix is done in stages (levels). Each level contains six matrices. Each matrix has a vast range of actions, both healing and social. For example, the «SNEJNIYI KREST (SNOW CROSS) » matrix works by the crystallization method against any negativity and essences of different ranks; but this matrix can be combined with other matrices as energies that freeze the situation. If the debt is being demanded from a person, for example, this matrix can stop the procedure, and the person will be momentarily forgotten.


So, what have we got here? All forces in nature are neutral. After all, the semantics of the «SNEJNIYI KREST (SNOW CROSS) » matrix are a stop, freeze, and, hence, destruction. However, suppose we set out with the intention of destroying the essence of a clump of negativity. In that case, we see this as a positive feature that relieves a person of an entity attachment. However, suppose you intend to use this matrix to destroy something. In that case, whether it’s a community, a company, a family, or something else, your activities will take on an evil, negative tone, as is typical of dark deeds. That is why, as the Earth Keeper of this information, it is forbidden to transfer the right of initiation because the power of the HUTTA IMPACT MATRICES is immeasurable, and this weapon must fall into the right hands.


Or, for example, the » NEBESNIYI OGON (HEAVENLY FIRE )» matrix, in the therapeutic aspect, carries out deep cleansing, is an amplifier of all healing frequencies. However, when used in conjunction with other matrices to burn any negative life occurrences. For example, while working on a situation in the past and changing events there, you receive a positive result in the present, or vice versa; we must also keep in mind the goal we are pursuing.

Next is the » POTOK LUBVI (LOVE STREAM ) » matrix. It has a vast spectrum of action. Love is the most powerful energy on Earth; with the help of Love, you can perform the most incredible miracles and raise even the most seriously ill people. Lack of Love always leads to degradation and extinction, both of individuals and entire communities . For example, in modern society, when the main focus is the idea of profit for the sake of profit, there is no love for anything except money, people completely stagnate, withdraw into themselves and resemble the living dead at best, and at worst, are hooked up to devilry, as called in Christianity. Therefore, opening the FLOW OF LOVE matrix is almost always essential for any process to become better, kinder, and more perfect, no matter what magical operations you perform. It applies to any healing process. You always finish your work with this matrix following the main session.

The following matrix I would like to reveal for you is the » MATRITSA BLAGOSOSTOYANIYA (WELFARE MATRIX ). » This matrix has an entire social aspect, aimed exclusively at creating conditions for you to have quick material prosperity. But there is one bottleneck in using this matrix. First and foremost, we need to cleanse all damaging programs and launch all chakras into the proper rotation and strengthen the human biofield. Then, we conduct the session with the «Welfare Matrix, «otherwise, these harmful programs will conflict with the matrix’s energies and cancel them out.
 In general, in the process of working with the SHOCK HUTTA , you will begin to see the world and people exclusively as a combination of certain flows of energy. For you, it will cease to serve as a norm for dividing people into good and evil, for as the Savior of humankind, Jesus Christ said: «There are no bad people.» It will become the norm for you to consider people as a collection of certain energies. If a person seems to you to be evil in the world, then this is not so. This person does not have enough positive energy, and if you give it to him, he will immediately change, almost before our eyes.

By the will of fate, sometimes I have to attend negotiations. And then one day I came to negotiations with a friend of mine, a businessman, and his counterpart, also a businessperson, and he began negotiations by taking a top–down position .Space was suddenly transformed into gloomy tones and began to feel off. Immediately, I opened the «POTOK LUBVI (STREAM OF LOVE )» matrix to a room and each of us, and after a while, this person softened, began to smile, and we all felt good. The tension, fear, awkwardness, and other negative energy attributes were gone. The negotiations went off without a hitch for all parties. Everyone enjoyed the communication and a clear business result. When we went out a friend told me: «Igor! It’s incredible !!! «It seems unbelievable if you do not know that the material world is only a consequence of the processes that take place in the subtle, invisible world.

There’s one more thing to think about. Cosmoenergy work can only be performed upon request; otherwise, Work performed without a person’s desire might be considered a form of black magic. This norm is suspended in the case of the » MATRITSA LUBVI (MATRIX OF LOVE ) » because it is our sacred responsibility to love everyone without exception. Who else, save those of us with spatial knowledge, can assist individuals in retracing their steps to love and perfection?

The following matrix I would like to consider is called «KOP’YO SUDBI (SPEAR OF DESTINY ). «This matrix is ​​protective since it carries the semantics of neutralizing your secret and obvious enemies that prevent you from developing and bringing light to the world. However, when writing and compiling a matrix algorithm for any action, it can perform the functions of protecting any situation, business, a love story. For example, you have a photo of an office where a perfect trade is to start. The first thing you do is clean the room from any negative with the «SNEJNIYI KREST (SNOW CROSS )» and «NEBESNIYI OGON(HEAVENLY FIRE ) «matrices, then fill the entire room with streams of love and then compose a certain algorithm to complete the main task. There are numerous choices; it all depends on the professionalism and comprehension of each matrices’ essence. Drawing up an algorithm for any action is an art. As an example: I would place the «MATRITSA ANTINEPRIYATNOST (ANTI-UNPLEASANTNESS MATRIX) » in this room, then use the «MATRITSA TRANSFORMATSIYA V MAGA (TRANSFORMATION INTO A MAGICIAN MATRIX )» to strengthen my field, then use the «KOPYO SUDBI (SPEAR OF DESTINY MATRIX )» to cut off the negativity of competitors and ill-wishers, and finally use the matrix of «MATRITSA BLAGOSOSTOYANIYA (WELFARE MATRIX) «on the room and onto myself, along with the matrix of «MATRITSA ISPOLNENIYA JELANIYI (FULFILMENT OF DESIRES ) «and the matrix of «MATRITSA SITUATSIYIYI (MATRIX OF SITUATION ), «and I’d play in my head the flow of events that I need, in this case. I showed the compilation of an algorithm from the matrices of the first block. Let me tell you a little secret: the matrices in the second block, which are still closed to initiations, work several times faster and stronger than the first block. The next matrix, called the» SITO JIZNI (SIEVE OF LIFE ),» is one of the most powerful and unpredictable in its consequences matrices of the «SITO JIZNI (SIEVE OF LIFE ),» which filters out unpleasant events. Cleans clan, karma. Works for all karmic and genetic diseases, transforming destiny in a favorable context. As a rule, it aggravates all unresolved problems and illnesses. Very often, we could not solve people’s problems only because karmic or ancestral issues cause them.

Almost everyone has a genetic problem, especially in Russia, where people have lost 70 years of their lives. The age of atheism is a dreadful era. How can you live if there is no God nearby? Therefore, working with the clan and with karma is an essential part of the healing practice, and it is precisely the matrix of the «SITO JIZNI (SIEVE OF LIFE ) » that serves these purposes. After all, everyone understands that if the roots are rotten, then the tree cannot bloom. To summarize, if you want to work intensively on a patient’s problem, always utilize the «SITO JIZNI (SIEVE OF LIFE ) » first, but be aware that issues may begin to be handled in an expedited fashion, which may be frightening to certain patients. After all, most people would rather suffer from a toothache for a long time, moan, and annoy others than summoning up the strength to pull out a tooth quickly and plainly.

Following matrix — this is the » MATRITSA OMOLOJENYA (MATRIX OF REJUVENATION). » This auxiliary matrix can be used in cosmetology not only to save a person from disease, but also to slow down the aging process and even partially remove the negative manifestations of time on the body (wrinkles, edema, and so on), as well as in social aspects, to slow down the aging process and even partially remove the negative manifestations of time on the body (wrinkles, edema, and so on). For example, suppose a patient comes to you with a disintegrating family, and affections for each other have faded. In that case, you can use this matrix in a matrix algorithm to renew the connection so that individuals recall all the beautiful things that brought them together many years ago. The same goes for the next » MATRITSA VOSSTANOVLENIYA (RECOVERY MATRIX ). » This matrix you can use as restoring a patient after a severe illness and debilitating treatment, but there is also a particular application in compiling a matrix algorithm.

Suppose a business, a family, or any other social entity is on the verge of collapsing. This matrix can be used as part of a matrix algorithm to rescue and restore the situation.

The following matrix for consideration is the «MATRITSA EDINONACHALA(MATRIX OF THE ONE -MANNER).» It brings all events to a common denominator, helps to overcome duality. It unites people with a shared vision and Divine Love, harmonizes family connections, removes all types of damaging programs from relationships, and allows you to distinguish between the primary and secondary. In general, everything is clear, but I would like to clarify some points. What makes a person a loser? There are many reasons, but the main one is the inability to formulate clear goals for oneself and the inability to find their own needs, which are always stipulated when a person comes to earth. To become one, whole, unite the mind and heart and understand the path you must go through. This is the foundation, without which it is impossible to proceed through life, and comprehending it provides the framework for working with this matrix. But you need to realize that with any work, there are always two people — the customer and the executor, the patient and the healer; only when efforts are combined can a positive effect appear. A classic example in Bulgakov’s novel «Star Rash» is when a woman selflessly helped a doctor to save her from a terrible disease at that time, but imagine if she ignored all the appointments and procedures assigned to her? The effect would be zero.

The following matrix is the «MATRITSA UCHITELEY ( MATRIX OF TEACHERS ).» It is an information matrix, which requires some operating time. Within one week, it is necessary to stand for half an hour under this matrix, exactly to stand, since in this case, your spine begins to work as a space antenna for receiving information. After working some t

ime with this matrix, you can mentally formulate any question that interests you, and an answer will instantly appear in your head. Suppose you have a question that requires not only a solution but also an explanation. In that case, I recommend opening this matrix before going to bed since you will be shown a movie that is quite understandable for you. But you nee

d to understand that to develop vision and skills for obtaining information, it is better to take courses «CosmoMag,» where there will be special training. In general, the entire «CosmoMag» project has been created for those who have obtained the degree of «MASTER,» as all energies are registered through matrices of the «SHOCK HUTTA,» and become several times cleaner and more powerful. Work is underway with coach matrices for vision (in a few lessons, students begin to see the colors of energies, negative formations in the field of patients, directly the HUTTA grid, to predict events that should occur, in general, enter the world of vision of energies). This is, as it were, the first stage in the formation of «CosmoMag.» Further, there is an initiation into the levels of «SHOCK HUTTA» and further joint development under my guidance, and an explanation of how it is necessary to compose algorithms for specific occasions.


Basic information on matrices is transmitted on request



Zoroastrianism (Avest. Mazda Yasna, literally «veneration of wisdom») is a religion that developed on the basis of the revelation of the prophet Spitama Zarathushtra (the Greek form of the name — Zoroaster), which he received from the god Ahura Mazda.

Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest prophetic religions, perhaps the first of them. The date and place of the life of the prophet Zarathushtra are not precisely determined. Various researchers date the life of Zarathushtra in the period from the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. e. until the 6th century BC e. Modern Zoroastrians keep their chronology according to the «fasli» calendar from the year when Tsar Vishtaspa adopted Zoroastrianism from Zarathushtra himself. The Zoroastrians believe that this event took place in 1768 BC. e. «First Faith» is the traditional epithet of Mazda Yasna.

Zoroastrianism arose among the Aryan tribes, apparently before their conquest of the Iranian plateau. The most likely place of origin of Zoroastrianism is Northeastern Iran and part of Afghanistan, however, there are scientific theories about the origin of Zoroastrianism in Western Iran, Central Asia, in the South Urals. The prophet’s sermon had a pronounced ethical character, condemned unjust violence, praised peace between people, honesty and creative work.


The values ​​and practices of the Kavies, the traditional leaders of the Aryan tribes, who combined priestly and political functions, were criticized. Zarathushtra spoke of the fundamental, ontological opposition of good and evil, for this reason Zoroastrianism is called the first dualistic religion, which served as the basis for the development of later dualistic teachings and dualistic elements of other religions.

All phenomena of the world are presented in Zoroastrianism in the form of a struggle between two primordial forces — good and evil, the god Ahura Mazda (Ohrmazd) and the evil demon Ankhra Mainyu (Ahriman). Ohrmazd Mazda defeats Ahriman at the End of Time. Zoroastrians do not consider Ahriman a deity, therefore Zoroastrianism is sometimes called asymmetric dualism and even monotheism.

The main sacred canon — «Avesta», is written in the Avestan language, close to Sanskrit. Zarathushtra himself compiled its oldest part, known as the Ghats. In the III century A.D. e. comments (Zend) have been added, and the complete canonical collection is called Zend-Avesta.

Anjoman-e Moghan Iran, the most authoritative organization in the Zoroastrian hierarchy, argues that Zoroastrianism is a universal proselytic religion. People who came to Zoroastrianism on their own, subject to certain conditions, cannot be denied its acceptance. However, among some of the Parsis in India, there are currents that do not recognize the possibility of converting to Zoroastrianism. Unlike Islam and Christianity, Zoroastrians do not carry out active missionary activity.


● Archaic period (up to 549 BC): the time of the life of the prophet Zarathushtra and the existence of Zoroastrianism in the form of oral tradition;
● Achaemenid period (558 — 330 BC): the accession of the Achaemenid dynasty, the creation of the Persian empire, the first written monuments of Zoroastrianism;
●The period of Hellenism and the Parthian state (330 BC — 226 AD): the fall of the Achaemenid Empire as a result of the campaign of Alexander the Great, the creation of the Parthian kingdom;
● Sassanian period (226 — 652 AD): revival of Zoroastrianism, codification of the Avesta, development of a centralized Zoroastrian church, struggle against heresies;
 ●Islamic conquest (652 AD — mid-20th century): the decline of Zoroastrianism in Persia, the emergence of the Parsian community in India, the creation of Middle Persian literature, the preservation of tradition under the rule of Muslims, the discovery of Zoroastrianism by Europeans;
●The modern period (from the middle of the 20th century to the present): the migration of Iranian and Indian Zoroastrians to the USA, Europe, Australia, the establishment of a connection between the diaspora and the centers of Zoroastrianism in Iran and India.

At present, groups of Zoroastrians have survived in Iran (Gebras) and in India (Parsis). There are also Zoroastrian communities in Australia, Europe, North and Latin America, and some other countries. In the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, there is a community of traditional Zarathushtrians who call their religion in Russian the word «good faith».

Zoroastrianism is the same ancient religion as Buddhism, Shinto or Hinduism. In addition, translated from Persian, the name of the cult sounds like a Good Worldview or Message. Therefore, modern Zoroastrianism fully coincides with the main trends that are preached by the preachers of positive psychology, which are fashionable today. Only the latter «pulled» the postulates of their own teachings from several local or global religions.

In the case of initiation into egregorian Zoroastrianism, the applicant will be offered a full-fledged, historically formed and proven theological complex that brings spiritual saturation to those in need.

What is Zoroastrianism?

Everyone can give the definition individually. Due to the fact that this cult lacks the harsh dogmatism characteristic of Orthodox Christianity or Islam, as well as there is rationalism characteristic of Protestantism or individual local religions, more and more people begin to delve into the canons of Zoroastrianism, discovering aspects that are important for themselves.

True, just as the prophet Spitam Zarathustra at one time needed a mentor in the form of God — Ahura Mazda, so our seekers of spiritual values ​​may need a kind of «guide».


This can be professional training in egregorian Zoroastrianism, which is carried out by people who have passed at least several of the seven steps necessary for the spiritual growth of a person.

Or it could be living in organized ashrams for Zoroastrianism.

— they are intended for those who want to get acquainted with the basics of religion «from the inside» .

— they open up for people who have already grasped the basics of egregorian Zoroastrianism and it may be interesting for them to spend time in the company of like-minded people, to see how they adapt the basic tenets of the Zoroastrian religion to the realities of the 21st century.

In the course of training a cult dedicated to Ahur Mazda or the Creator of the Good, seekers of spiritual jewels must study the history of Zoroastrianism .

It is an experience of resistance and survival of an absolute humanistic religion to manifestations of the worst traits of humanity as a whole. For example, for the conscious history of the existence of the Homo Sapiens race on Earth, only 300 days have been lived without war. At the same time, all the symbolism of Zoroastrianism speaks about the rejection of violence and work on achieving harmony in oneself and the world around us.

A separate area of ​​teaching the art of living according to Zoroastrism is predictions. Zoroastrianism has the most successful experience in predicting the future. At the same time, predictions are made not only for peoples and countries, but also for a specific person, using knowledge about the actions already committed by him.

Rituals, clothing, prayers, as well as one of the main symbols of Zoroastrianism — the Mitra also require an understanding of the deep meaning, and not blind copying, as in the title religion in the Russian Federation today.

Description of frequencies by blocks is possible on request

As we can see from the most fundamental cosmoenergy, certain matrices-based approaches can be used to create a powerful magician and warier whose energy matrix is no longer constrained by the visible world’s limitations.
This is true freedom, contentment, and knowledge of your fate. This is the first tutorial, in which the first two levels of “SCHOCK HUTTA ” were thoroughly discussed, despite the fact that they are rather basic.
This manual will help you understand the essences of the «SHOCK HUTTA » system, as well as give you brief descriptions of 42 frequencies that are currently available for initiation, but keep in mind that I will personally give everyone who is brought to me by the Higher Powers for initiation a more complete disclosure of the work of matrices.

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